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Stockings w/o Chimney

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Who else grew up in or has a house without a chimney? 


My childhood home did not have a chimney. We hung our stockings on the stair railing that led to the upstairs. I remember asking my parents about what Santa does when there’s no chimney, and they told me he would use the front door. Made sense to me.


The first house DH & I lived in had a chimney. It was nice to hang stockings and decorate the mantel. Our current house has no chimney. 


This picture I found on the Internet reminds me of my childhood because the stockings are all different and have names on them. Always enjoyed seeing the little gifts & candy in my stocking, Reminds me of my childhood without a chimney. Cute puppy! 




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We had a chimney - and a Scottie - but the WESTIE CUTIE really brings me joy. Look at 'im!


Thanks Wilma!

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My childhood home didn't have a fireplace either, and we did the same thing as pictured here: stockings on the railing.  Same Santa story too: he used the door. LOL


All of my houses since then have had at least one fireplace, so Santa was able to make his traditional entrance.

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Re: Stockings w/o Chimney

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@wilma  Beautiful! We have always done our kid's stockings on the stair rail, because DH is a pyromaniac with the fireplace, and also because we have the Nativity on the mantel. In the past I just wound garland through the balusters and added lights. But I have more time this year, so I'm going to add embellishments. We never did the whole Santa thing, but the kids wanted stockings anyway. Of course, we're not at all sure the kids and grandkids will be able to visit.:Smiley Frustrated

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The house I grew up in had a chimney, but no fireplace.


We never hung stockings and our gifts from Santa were not wrapped.  Santa had a magic key and came through the door.  The gift weren't wrapped so he could see what he was dropping off.


Over the years, we have hung stocking for decorations in our home, on the mantle or staircase, but Santa has never filled them with anything.

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My Mother had one of those shadow box  things on the wall that had alot of filigree design......My bother hung our stocking on each corner..

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No chimney/fireplace in any homes Ive lived in, Santa managed just fine using the front door.....🎅


We hung our stockings on a bookcase using stocking hangers......🧦.

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We did have a chimney, but I don't remember where we hung the stockings; probably on the stairs banister.  I loved looking through my stocking, Mom put such interresting items in it.  As a child, pez holder, blue sleeping yo-yo with "diamonds" (glass) in it.  red and black yo-yo, colored pencils are some of the things I remember.  As an teen and adult, jewelry, makeup.


I love the Westie in the picture, I also had a Westie and a Scottie - sure loved those guys.

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My stocking was always hung at my Grandmother's house who did have a chimney.  

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Me!  It was the early '60's - my parents would put up a cardboard one at Christmas time!