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Oh yes.  We did the same thing in the house I grew up in my early years.  Almost forgot that shelf and the stockings.  Thanks for the memoryy.  Later,  when we had a staircase hung from there.  In my house we have always had a fireplace and that's where they went.

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We had a fireplace but no stockings. Mom must have skipped that tradition because she has often talked about getting things in her stocking as a child.

As kids we didn't notice because we always had all the other holiday decor. Now that I think of it the miseltoe was always hung.  🤷🏽. 

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We didn't have a fireplace growing up and hung our stockings from the railing, too. 

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There is a book , Santa's Magic Key, by Eric James.  It is about a boy who has no chimney and is given a magic key for Santa to use to get into the house to leave the presents. An adorable story for everyone, but especially for children who do not have a chimney.

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Yep, the first house I remember living in the stocking went on the bannister... After that, we always had a mantel or two...

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I had the most beautiful white stocking.  We had a fireplace in the first two homes my dad built.  


I don't have a memory of a stocking after about 9, but our entire family dynamics changed.




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No fireplace for us..we lived in a row home in the city.

Our stockings were hung on the railing.

I was told (which I am positive is fact) that Santa would place his finger on our front door knob (the same way he placed it on the side of his nose) and  magically the door would open.

A few years later we got the extremely realistic(not) cardboard fireplace.

I stood in front of that thing and remember feeling the heat from the light bulb. It was the real thing to me.


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Re: Stockings w/o Chimney

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A friend of mine hangs their stockings on her entertainment center - below the TV.


Growing up we did have a gas fireplace and mantle.  


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I moved out of a gorgeous two-story red-brick home that had--THREE fireplaces.

(Unfortunately, despite spending a huge amount, we also endured, over time, 22 bats.)


But it was a perfect home for Christmas decor. (We stayed there for 22 years.)

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Our house had a chimney; a very HOT one, since the only heat in our house was a wood and coal furnace.   We just did not do stockings, and I never started it with my girls.   


My brothers and I knew from losing small toys down the heat registers there was no way Santa came down our chimney!   My parents spoke of Christmas and Santa's gifts, as a magical time of the year when it was so important to believe that good things happen at Christmas.