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Re: Stocking Stuffers, $10 or less

These are FANTASTIC!!!! Great ideas!!!





*hand sanitizer (pocket size)

*Altoid mints

*stretchy knit gloves (pack of 3-4 at Walmart for $2. Throw a pair in your purse or briefcase and you have a warm pair when you need them)


*hand cream (bottle or tin)

*lip balm

*Favorite candy (a little sweet something)


For those with specific needs/interests:


*batteries (kids and controllers)

*tennis balls (someone who plays the game)

*zodiac book (little book that is gives you your daily reading for a year)


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Re: Stocking Stuffers, $10 or less

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@SahmIam  There is only one color option left (*on clearance - $16.96) for a SET OF 2 STOCKING STUFFERS of solor/crank flashlights which are so versatile! I bought them in the blue at this price last month and they are great! *no batteries required*

I highly suggest watching the video for V35042