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Received the email this morning.  No new date as to when or if they will be shipped.  I know some have received an email stating the new EDD. Hope that is true. We will see.


This afternoon my order status was changed to "cancelled."

Checked the order status, yes canceled my order also.


P!sses me off.  QVC suks at keeping track of the number of items they have on stock and shipping.  They are selling items they don't even have!  I don't have problems from other online retailers. So no it is not happening every where as was stated by a poster before. It is QVC.

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Yep, my order is canceled also, which is just fine with me. I no longer even

want them.  I would had canceled myself, but Q didn't give me the option.

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The funny thingis QVC sent an email a couple of weeks ago saying that the starry nights hurricanes were back in stock. So who's to blame QVC, the vendor or Valerie? Just screwed up all around.