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Re: So my VPH Holiday Lantern in Ivory arrived......

@SahmIam & others:


VPH items have become just like Temptations...hit or miss☹️


After the smell of mildew & mold in a few of the items I ordered last year and as much as I'm drawn in by the beautiful staged sets & items (and my niece loving everything😉) I am not ordering.


Lately, I find her pieces overpriced (before s/h & tax) and I can find something comparable for less in traditional stores.


Its a shame because her things used to be so nice!

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Re: So my VPH Holiday Lantern in Ivory arrived......

   I received the lantern in bronze and it is perfect. I really checked it and only had one question. She never showed the candle top  and it has a plastic bulb there. I didn’t know if it was supposed to flicker. It does on the bottom, and you don’t see it with the frosted glass.

   I asked in the forum if it was supposed to flicker and people said it doesn’t light. Quite o k because I love mine. But wish they had spent more time describing it during the presentation rather than passing the lanterns by saying they were selling out!

   I also got the Holy Family scene with mirror hoping it will match the large mirror. It does and it’s sold out. 

   There are a few places on it where a bit of paint was off and glue on the mirror in several places but it looks perfect on my bar in the foyer and I’m the only one who will inspect it so closely.

   I have to remind myself that these are Christmas or decorative items.  They are not as expensive as Waterford or good porcelain. I would return those if defective.

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Re: So my VPH Holiday Lantern in Ivory arrived......

I will echo what many of you have said. 


I love Valerie, she is so gracious and fun and enjoyable, but her style is developing into something that for the most part just doesn't interest me anymore.


The prices are much higher than I will find similar things for in Hobby Lobby when the 50% off starts for any given season, and at least I can see and handle the items and pick out ones without flaws.


All that said, I ordered two of those heavy metal lanterns and my mom ordered two. 


Problems with most of them, but since they are sold out, I'm working with it. 


The handles on all were flopping around and wouldn't stand up, but a screwdriver fixed that, and the kind of issue I can live with and easily fix. My red one, the door that opens is attached crooked and it looks like it. Because of the style, it can be turned to the back, and it looks pretty much the same on all sides. It has a small ding in the paint that needs touched up too. I normally don't condone doing this, but they are all sold out. I may, if they come back in stock, exchange it and try again, or if it bugs me till January send it back then. 


One of my mom's (bronze) has the padding that holds the glass in, showing and needs to be trimmed down. 


The two ivory ones we got were a bit better, mine could have had better paining on the very top, but just being super picky about that.


All in all, they are super in weight, style and looks for the price, but not enough quality control, especially the door on the one that is crooked. It sticks out like a sore thumb. 


Only things I bought so far this month during CIJ. And I think I saw another fancy type lantern that she might have coming this season, and if so, I'm pondering whether or not to order, just because of the hassle of having to return if it isn't good. 


It has come to the point you have to order multiples if you want to be sure you get a good one, I've done it in the past, but I simply think it ridiculous we have to do that. QVC''s quality control stinks anymore. They used to be so particular about the products quality, but not so much anymore.



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Re: So my VPH Holiday Lantern in Ivory arrived......

I have purchased many of VPH items in the past but most were "as is " purchases and would return only if the defects were major or the product did not work. I have been fortunate and scored some really good deals but now I am VPH out because prices are increasing and too many items arriving damaged. Thinking about selling some of the items on eBay.

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Re: So my VPH Holiday Lantern in Ivory arrived......

I find that most of her florals are better than the hard items. I have many of her wreathes and candle rings that are just beautiful.

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Re: So my VPH Holiday Lantern in Ivory arrived......

@Krypto   I read your thread about the lantern and how it lights...I didn't respond because mine is going back. That said, I DID insert the batteries and mine does NOT flicker like it showed on air, it flickers and glows the ENTIRE length of the lantern. In fact, it's quite nice because I wasn't really impressed with the rolling flicker that only happened in the lower half. When she closed the door, it looked much better (IMHO) so I ordered it. 


Perhaps mine is defective in this way as well....geez. Summary, the lantern I ordered flickers from top to bottom with a full but soft glow and illuminates behind all the glass beautifully.

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Re: So my VPH Holiday Lantern in Ivory arrived......

I didn't see the presentation on the lantern. I saw it on Valerie's face book and waited for it to become available, I  kept checking back on my phone, since I couldn't be home to watch the presentation. 


I was drawn to it because of the scroll work.  Sounds like those who watched the presentation received something different than what was presented.


I could do without the destressing on mine but the lighting doesn't bother me. Over all I'm satisfied with both lanterns. They work with my decor.


I did order the Peace nativity and was a little disappointed that Joseph or Mary didn't have a mouth. How much effort does it take to paint a small mouth at the factory and finish the job?  But I'm keeping it because it will be on top of the mantel or china cabinet and won't be noticeable.  I guess I could try my hand at that small paint job, but we shouldn't have to. 





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Re: So my VPH Holiday Lantern in Ivory arrived......

[ Edited ]

I'll chime in too. 


Some of the red bracts were broken off her poinsettia tree in the box.  There was no packing around the top, so obviously, the tree would jostle around during shipping without support.  The bracts are attached to the flower with thin plastic.  I can glue them back on, but why should we repair QVC's poor quality?


The tree is cute, poinsettias pretty, but not worth QVC's $60 or the $50 priced for CIJ.  


It isn't only Valerie.  Received the large red TSV ornament yesterday.  Quite a disappointment.  The color of the one I received is a lighter rose-red, not the Christmas red shown on TV and online.  Depending on the light, sometimes, it looks pink.  I know colors can appear differently on our TVs and online, but hosts should describe them. Red is not rosy-red or pink to me.


The glitter is way overdone and poorly applied.  It looks cheap.  They looked so pretty and rich on air and online.  


But, it's my fault for continuing to buy this stuff.  




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Re: So my VPH Holiday Lantern in Ivory arrived......

Just a note to all.  Two weeks ago I bought a lovely large ivory lantern to hang on my porch from Pier Imports.  I believe it was on sale for around $26.  It is perfectly made, and I will use one of my own candles in it.

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Re: So my VPH Holiday Lantern in Ivory arrived......

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VPH is losing a lot of money with defective items being returned and this is not a new defective problem issue, and that is what is most un-nerving.


Doesn't VPH care anymore about her QVC vendor's reputation, and the total lack of quality control for her QVC items in stock being purchased by QVC members, and being returned time and again for visible defects?.


I wonder if VPH even has a quality control division in place actually checking all items for defects before shipping them out.


I no longer purchase from many vendors for this reason.


Tired of being disappointed time and again, tying up my $ and then hassling to return the defective items and waiting a very long time for full refund credits, including not being charged for return shipping especially since the items were defective when received.


Even when you mark item defective in the return part of the invoice you need to include in the box with the defective item, many times QVC will ignore the words defective and still charge return shipping charges, and that is concidered fraud.


It is basic highly unacceptable fraud especially when you personally telephpnoe notify a QVC Rep and Supervisor and let them both know, and they promise to note your account for that specific defective item refund back to your original methood of payment, but you wait in vain and they still do not post the correct refund credit back to your original method of payment..


That is a basic illegal fraud tactic well known, and utterly against the law and should not continue to occur on QVC!