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So how much of your house, inside and out....

gets decorated for the Christmas/holiday season?


When my son was little, I tried to do something in every room (including bathrooms and bedrooms). Now I have scaled back the number of rooms (but not so much scaled back the amount of decor in some of the rooms I still decorate!!)


So there are now two baths and three bedrooms and a hallway upstairs that get nothing seasonal done to them ever. I love it that way now. It is so much less work, and less running all over to  pack things back up.


Our main lever has a living room, dining room and kitchen. I decorate all three of those, with a tree in the living room. This level is pretty heavily decorated, most surfaces (coffee table, dining table, hutch, sideboard, end tables and buffet all given holiday/winter treatments. This year, even my curio cabinet will be done for the holiday inside. 


The kitchen has holiday dishes and towels, the dininroom is done in an elegant cardinal theme (that coordinates with the holiday dishes in the kitchen), and the living room has gone gold mostly, and more elegant.


I have a large family room in the lower level of the house, and I decorate that one with a combination of primitive and vintage winter, not much Christmas there except a 5 foot tree. 


Many of my vignettes have changed from having a lot of little things in them to more larger, statement pieces, in order to simplify the look and reduce the time it takes to put together.


This year will be the first time we do much outdoor decor. In the past it was just a few things on the porch, but this year I bought the swags, wreaths and stake trees from BL's TSV, so the entire house will be greens across the front with VPH window candles in each window.


So I've scaled back the number of rooms I decorate, and in two of the rooms still getting decor, I've scaled back the amount of decor used in them. 


How about you? Where are you on your holiday decor journey?

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Re: So how much of your house, inside and out....

Just a Christmas tree.  But after going to Hobby Lobby yesterday - I may up the ante - their decorations are above and beyond this year!  And 40% off this week!

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Re: So how much of your house, inside and out....

I used to love to decorate;, in fact, I would change my decor every season.  But now that I am retired, with limited energy and mobility, I find that it just doesn't interest me that much.  I live in senior housing with limited  space so there's not much room to store off-season; I don't host the family  celebrations anymore (my sons have taken over); so I now just enjoy the work of others. 

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Re: So how much of your house, inside and out....

Nothing! Except....last year, I bought some x-mas stockings from lands now I have one holiday decoration----the first in my life. I've always really disliked holiday decorations of any kind. Never bought or owned a tree or any fake holly.

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Re: So how much of your house, inside and out....

Nothing outside, except for a wreath beside the back door (the entrance we use) and sometimes one on the front. We don't host any Christmas gatherings, and our house can't be seen from the road, so there's just no point.


I have a tree/stockings/nativity in the living room, a small vignette on the dining room table, and some ceramic "sit around" stuff in the kitchen. That's about it!

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Re: So how much of your house, inside and out....

Less than in the past.


Back in the day I had a big, beautiful home, young sons and nephews and extended family where I did much holiday entertaining with family and neighbors. Much decorating for Christmas.


Now, I am older, sons are grown, parents have passed away, smaller house in a different neighborhood of the same town. DSs have grown and moved out. No more holiday parties. This will probably the first time since they were born that I will not spend Christmas day with both of them. I will put lights and a wreath outdoors. Inside I will do what I enjoy. Bought a pre-lit tree from the Q last year. That will go up in the LR along with my creche and photos of DSs taken throughout Christmases past. I spend a lot of time in the family room, so that will get a few favorite decorations around the room and on the mantel, including stockings hung. I always decorate my front hall table for the seasons, will do that area too.


Less every year until there is a grandchild, LOL!



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Re: So how much of your house, inside and out....

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My husband and I live in a one-bedroom second-floor garden apartment. So we don't have much room for decorating, but I do decorate quite a bit. We also are fairly young and don't have any kids yet, and we don't host for Christmas.


I have a bell decoration that goes on the front door. Then I wrap the staircase railing in red and green tinsel. And on the parapet railing at the top of the staircase I hang a wreath with felt holly leaves and faux berries. I also hang two stockings here, a large red and white one and a smaller faux fur one, although we don't fill them with anything.


Then on top of our bookcase I have these two wooden artists' dolls that we got from Ikea and I always dress them in different outfits for every season because it is fun. So for the winter, one of them has a set of pajamas printed with gingerbread men and the other one has a dress with poinsettias. Then on the other side of the bookcase I put a singing Christmas tree stuffed "animal."


On the end table next to the sofa are some more decorations. We have a vase that I decorate seasonally, and for winter I fill it with pinecones and faux holly berries. Then we always have a seasonal candle, and then a ceramic dish in the shape of a pine tree that I fill with some miniature Christmas ball ornaments.


Our actual Christmas tree is only two feet tall. It is on another end table near the top of the stairs, in between the dining room area and the office area. We have a year-round Christmas tree that we switch out with seasonal ornaments for each season. Right now it has ornaments of flowers, birds, butterflies, miniature gardening tools, and stuff like that, and the tree skirt is a placemat in the shape of a butterfly that I cut to fit around the tree. This is the first year we are doing this, so we are going to Michael's to go shopping for fall ornaments either this weekend or next weekend. However we only keep it lighted during the Christmas holiday season.

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Re: So how much of your house, inside and out....

A couple of wreaths outside along with a green lightbulb in the front porch light.  One small nativity set inside and an enclosed miniature Christmas scene put together by a friend's mother and  nothing else.


I used to do a lot more, but once I hit 65, especially since I don't have holiday guests, it is too much of a hassle to decorate and then have to deal with the mess and cleanup afterwards.    

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Re: So how much of your house, inside and out....

Christmas tree and mantel. That's it for us. 

Why is it, when I have a 50/50 guess at something, I'm always 100% wrong?
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Re: So how much of your house, inside and out....

I put up a Christmas tree in the living room and two wreaths on the front entry doors.  I like to decorate my mantel in the family room with a garland, stockings, luminaries and such.  I put a Christmasy candle/centerpiece on my dining room table.  On the kitchen table, I put a wire Christmas tree that I got at Pier1 years ago and with small ornaments.  Then I have some pieces that were my mom's etc. - a ceramic Christmas tree, a ceramic snowman, etc. that I put in various locations around the house.  I don't really do anything to the kitchen or bathrooms, just the main living areas.


I have two big holly trees on each side of my entryway that I like to put lights on, but haven't done so the past few years.  If I think I"m going to have company this year, then I may.  It requires a tall ladder and patience.  


I have bought a lot of new items this year such as Valerie's little illuminated gifts and the glistening wax trees so I may put some things on the kitchen shelves this year.  And I plan to decorate my dining room table more than I've done before.