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I was just watching Jen Coffey and she messed up the color of the lighted trees she was showing, just like she messed up the candle holders I wrote about a few days ago.  If they would just study what they are supposed to sell and give correct information then we customers could order the right item and not have to return.

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@luvmybeetle No idea especially since this is the 2nd time but I wonder if they weren't labeled correctly or her cards had the wrong info or like you said she didn't prepare.

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she is too busy looking at herself in the monitor and I don't know what she is trying to do with all the faces she tries to make and sometimes looks like duck lips.

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So what? You've never made a mistake? Be kind

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I am surprised since Jen is one of the best prepared hosts.  The cards may have been mislabeled, which has been happening lately.

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It wasn't that bad.  She messed up only one set which she didn't have display in the studio and was probably on her card.  The vendor had it and made the correction.


It happened early in the presentation.

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I never realized their were so many perfect people here!

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Re: She messed up again

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I firmly believe that these issues are not Jennifer's or those of hosts in general.


Errors occur on the cards and production and direction mistakes have been occurring with frequency.


There was some misdirection during Rick's Temptations show.


The voice speaking to them is not infallible. 

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I do understand all your comments on my post but don't they prepare before the show?  They always talk about how they speak to the vendor ahead of time.  And the problem with them making mistakes is that a customer will order the wrong thing and then have to spend the money to send it back.  

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Re: She messed up again

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Seriously, who cares if she made a mistake.  Not too hard to figure it out is it?  People make mistakes and then fix what they can and move on.