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@Nataliesgramma wrote:

I put away about 2/3 of my snowmen today since it is 60 degrees here in Ohio and they look kind of dumb sitting around....


I left out a couple of small ones and 2 small Alpine trees by the fireplace....


I usually leave them out until St Patty's




Wasn't that weather nice yesterday! I wish I could say I got outside to do something, but I was steam cleaning furniture (and more today)!


I figure I'll leave my few snowmen up until it actually snows here. In our area we have had only one snow that fully covered the grass and stuff. I want to say it was back in November maybe, and was like five inches or a little more. It was beautiful. 


I'm beginning to wonder if we will have another 'real' snow this season. I'm not really wanting it, just think this weather has been really odd this season (it's really been odd for about two years. Ohio has had like the two wettest years on record or something like that)

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@mominohio  yes, it was such a nice day!


At this point I am looking forward to Spring. I started decorating around the first week of November, so I got to enjoy everything even the large Christmas Village.


I usually wait until I pretty much turn off the furnace before I give my house the "good" cleaning. I like openng up windows and doors while I clean. I hang bedding, rugs and sheers out on the line.