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The men in my family are tough to buy for, too! Two gifts that seem to have been very well received are the Kuhn Rikon shears and Victorinox Swiss army knife keychains (which are available in tons of colors and styles on a certain A-named online retailer). Recently, I was helping my brother-in-law unload some items from his car, and when he threw me his keys to pop the trunk, I was pleased to see that knife keychain hanging from the ring with all the keys—I gave it to him six years ago.  Smiley Happy

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I gave my hubby a shaving cream warmer (dispenser). He was "what" but now he cant lived without it....loves it. 

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My brother likes to receive coffee gift cards from Peets.  He grinds his own coffee, so he buys the beans at a local Peets store.  I buy the gift cards at Costco - $100 for just $79.99.  


He likes gift cards from the local hardware store too.


On the unpractical, but fun gifts: scratch off lottery tickets, suduko puzzle books, jigsaw puzzles.

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Great ideas, ladies.  Thanks!

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It depends on the man but I do think we should get over the idea  that we can only give men tools and household items and "practical" gifts.  I have given practical gifts to "people" in my life, not just men.  There are mini flashlights, car mugs, bbq tools, socks, movie tickets.  The list goes on and on.  I find that if I look at the "Gifts" shows, I'll see something perfect  that I would never have thought of on my own.  Last year, it was really big microwave mugs with lids.  You could cook a meal in them, if you wanted to.  I bought 4 and I gave them one to each of my 3 nephews and hubby kept one.  He scoops in leftovers from dinner the night before and when he's at work, he can just pop the whole thing in the micorwave and heat it for lunch.  He loves that thing.   

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I don't know if these would be considered "practical", but over the last few years I've given my DH a copper weather vane shaped like a deer (it has a long pole and is placed in our yard), and a copper rain gauge. They were an unexpected success. He's a bit of a weather geek, so I took a chance and he really liked both gifts.

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@loriqvc I gave each of my 3 brothers the shears last year and they liked them. Sports team apparel is popular. Also men like their own soft throw just like we do.

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My guys appreciate the following kinds of things. 


Tools. One is a mechanic one a machinist. So they always need specific tools for their trade.


Clothing for their lifestyle. Hunting clothing, warm weather under layers for being outdoors, really good socks. 


Books about their hobbies and trades. I built my son really nice libraries on his interest in gunsmithing and machining. Many of the books are obscure, older and some out of print. The internet is great, but if someone has a trade or hobby and you can find books (especially technical books) that visit the older ways of doing things before technology took over most things, they can be invaluable for using older equipment, or doing their interest without the newer tools and machines and processes. 


Food. Most guys like food. Homemade treats, gift baskets of nuts, cheeses, etc. 


Experience gifts. I once bought my husband tickets to an event where they teach rifleman skills combined with history of the Revolutionary war. He loved it so much that he (and my son for a number of years) became instructors. My husband still loves the organization and volunteers time every summer to teach others. If they are into anything that has shows or events, tickets to that is something they might enjoy (things like antique car shows, or any event that centers around an interest they have).