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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

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@Mominohio   First, how are you enjoying being a Grandmother now? Smiley Happy  Once a baby comes along, Christmas is so much fun and so much better.


I did not go all out this year, just was not in the mood since DD was not here.  Since I always decorate the kitchen, in addition to the living room and dining room, we celebrated Christmas in the kitchen, just DH and me, and I did not decorate other rooms as they are rooms we are only in during Christmas.


I usually serve marinated cracked crab and garlic bread on Christmas Eve, but due to covid, it would have been too difficult to pick it up, so I fixed something else.  Christmas meal was the same traditional, lots of leftovers.


We did zoom on Christmas day with DD so we could see her open presents that I sent, and it was so good to see her and meet her boyfriend of two years, and see her apartment.  It is next best since due to covid she was unable to come home.


So, I am looking forward to next Christmas when hopefully they can drive here, then I will go all out as I normally do.

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

I haven't thought that far ahead. Right now I'm taking one day at a time. And trying to enjoy those.

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season



Being a grandmother is great, I only wish it hadn't happened in a pandemic. Got news last night the baby has Covid (2 months old). We've seen very little of him considering we live so close (just next town over) because of the virus. 


The baby and my elderly mom are why I'm looking ahead to next Christmas. On the first part of life and the end part of life, it seems that change comes so fast, and we cannot bank on, from year to year, those people being the same. Kids grow and change fast, much missed in a year long pandemic. Older people can age and fail fast, perhaps 'the last' or the last of the best of them will be missed during this time. 


While there are still connections, they aren't all encompassing, long enough, in person, and not very satisfying. So I for one, am hoping and thinking about how we can make it better next year.


I didn't go all out this year either. Just didn't seem to be a reason. I still decorated, still baked, still gifted, just a much smaller scale than in the past. In some ways it was nice and less stress/money/pressure, but was rather hollow as well. 


Here's to better times ahead, and hopefully soon.

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

Since we bet so very wrong last March about schools and then this holidays season was so horrible, I would not hope for much this year.

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season



Oh, my...I hope your sweet grandbaby has a full recovery.


Please keep us posted...this just breaks my heart.

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

@Kachina624  - Off Topic:  I know your son has a cat and thought you and he could use a laugh (especially now days.) On YT, search for "cat smells broccoli." If you don't like broccoli, then it's even funnier. It just popped up yesterday on my home page. Even my husband laughed at this and he's not one to watch YT videos.

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

I would be thrilled to enjoy Christmas 2021 in the same style as our Christmas 2020.  


After 30 years of obeying my MIL's command attendance policy at her house on Christmas Day, my family loves a quiet, peaceful holiday at home, with no drama.   The only difference for us, is that we would've "seen" our family members at some point during the holiday season, but it wouldn't have changed our plans for a quiet family day.   

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

The way things are going I am 100% certain that Christmas 2021 won't be any different than 2020.  It will still be "smaller" but no less joyous and fun.  We all had to think outside the box when it came to being with each other and we did.  Both my grandchildren are 4 years old and my great niece is 7 years old and they had blast and they are all at that funny silly age.  Kids are so adaptable and flexible.  They enjoyed Christmas and we adapted to our new reality.  Honestly, I rather enjoyed a Christmas season that was slower and calmer and more personal.  I am already thinking about decorations for next Christmas.  I bought some clearance items and a couple of things I ordered (not from QVC) for this year arrived after Christmas.  I started a Christmas 2021 Pinterest board.  

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season



DH and I are very active, and usually do a lot of family visits as well as a getaway trip during the holidays. (Our ski trip was booked two years in advance, so it was sad to cancel.)


This year all of that was curtailed, but I splurged on gifts for family members so that they could have fun opening lots of packages. (I did not see any of them--DH just dropped the bags off at their houses.)


We are blessed to have not been severely affected by the pandemic either healthwise or financially, but yes, of course, it is a lot more quiet and lonely.  I also have an older mother many hours away from me and I worry about her.  I have been sending her a lot of QVC bill-to/ship-to gifts!


I am a planner and I always look forward.  I have already purchased gifts for next year due to all the great sales.  However, I am NOT booking any trips until we are vaccinated and I see that most things are returning to normal.


Yes, I think things will be a lot better next holiday if we have this virus under control.  That will also make for more stability around the world, and a stronger sense of calm. I also think that people want to have the chance to celebrate and do some fun things, so there will be a lot of spending!


I think you may be a bit burned out if you have been working nonstop and could not have any family reunions.  You and DH need to have a "spa day" at home or a special meal.  One thing we did was order fancy dinners a few times, get dressed up and eat in the dining room with all the good china.  We also took photos!  It was like a mini-celebration just for us two.


Do not stop dreaming and hoping--we will see improvements hopefully by early summer.  Take care!


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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

H O P E           we can't lose that!!!!