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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

Whether we are together face-to-face or through the computer, I will enjoy the holidays.  As some of the other posters have mentioned, I appreciated the break from travel and big traditional family meal preparation in 2020.  Facetime visits were awesome.  


I have no idea what 2021 will bring, but I've already purchased my first 2021 Christmas gift!  Every year has ups and downs, positives and negatives.  Life is like riding a roller coaster.  You put on your safety belt and lean with the curves and scream at the drops and catch your breath on the climbs.  

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

I am not optimisic....


Also I am sure that this was the last year my Granddaughter will "believe".


If it wasn't for remote learning....I'm sure one of her friends would have ruined this year for her. She has had a schoolmate bully her the last three years....

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

@Mominohio wrote:

Just wondered if anyone is looking forward, planning, anticipating, dreaming or just questioning what next year's holiday season will look like.


Last year at this time, I was so looking forward to this recent year's holiday season. It fell in such a way (on Friday), that my husband, who isn't allowed any time off between Thanksgiving and Christmas (UPS) was going to get a three day weekend at Christmas and a four day weekend at New Years. My son got two five day weekends during those weeks as well. We thought we would have a wonderful time of gathering and going and doing, and a new baby too. But alas, Covid made it all much less eventful and exciting. 


So are there those out there planning/dreaming for next year, based on all the missed opportunities this year, or is it something that doesn't seem possible yet, until we see where this whole virus thing goes?


I'm frustrated because with a new baby, and an 84 year old mother, I wanted us to be able to gather and be together. Babies don't wait to grow, and at 84, one never really knows what a year will bring in being able to participate with family. 


I heard a lot of people say they were going all out this past Christmas, because they were looking for something to enjoy in the pandemic (I feel it was mostly people with younger kids at home, who had their immediate family all together already, and giving the kids something to keep them excited and occupied since they were missing so much). 


I know there are no real answers for what we face 11 months from now, but I was just wondering if anyone wanted to reflect, or to share what they anticipate, or what they will be doing should we be in a position to actually do more normal things by that time.

I actually wrote in this years calendar, that I wonder what this next years holidays will be like.  

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

@Kachina624 wrote:

The only thing I have on my mind is the news....and its all bad.

@Kachina624  - I stopped watching the news last spring/'s just so awful. There really aren't words (at least nothing I can say here.) My husband watches the news, so he relays some of what's going on. 

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

No, just trying to get through the here and now.  That's too far ahead.  

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin
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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

IMO, we may look back on the Christmas of 2020 and say "it wasn't so bad" compared with 2021.  I truly hope I'm very wrong about this but I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.



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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

I do not see anything getting better in  2021. I see no improvement, only decline. My wish is that my family stay safe and healthy. 

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

I am on the positive train people......while 2020 was a total bummer I have hopes for 2021.

How can we not?   I understand what is happening in the world and this new year did not start off as well as we would have liked.  There is hope with the vaccines coming, even though it is slow going in most places, at least we have them.  

As far as the holidays this year, I haven't given it too much thought.   I always enjoy Christmas and look for the happiness and the good things in my life.  Even when I was hooked up to an IV of chemo six years ago!   Life is good and has so much to offer.

I feel sadness for people who just can't see it.

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

@Mominohio   I have always considered myself a person who thinks ahead but I believe that is changing. I personally think  we will never return to what we used to know as normal and must change with the times......whatever that entails.


I tried hard with this past Christmas to make it normal but I could never quite 'get there.' It felt empty in some ways and I missed my family and my friends terribly.


So no, I am not planning ahead at this time......just going to take it one day at a time. Everything seems so 'heavy' to me right now with all that is going on......I just want to deal with today and hopefully, have some peace. 

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

Not really.  Though, as I was putting away my Christmas decorations, I realized something. I kept thinking "I'll do such and such differently next year "IF I'M AROUND". 

I've been saying that phrase to myself lately whenever I think ahead a year or so.  


 I remember that when my mom turned 80 or so (and she had some health issues), she started saying that.  Now, all of a sudden, I've started saying that, and I'm "only" 73 and have no serious heath problems that I'm aware of.  But, I guess I'm at a point that you can't take those things for granted.


It's depressing, but I don't really want to think too much ahead at this point, just try to focus in on the present and near future.