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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

I am guessing by next fall all my loved ones will have been vaccinated, and we will be able to celebrate together.  I sure hope so.


I have purchased two gifts to tuck away for Christmas 2021....a book and a sweater.  I will continue to pick up things throughout the year, as I always do.


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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

I love Christmas, since my Mother’s passing it’s just been the 3 of us unless son brings his girlfriend. 2020 he didn’t but I decorated the house and put up a tree like every other year. I purchased a lot of gifts and we had a great meal. 


I’ve already purchased 2 Christmas gifts and while right now I’m thinking about what to make for Easter I hope and pray we continue to be healthy and look forward to Christmas 2021.

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

Decided to leave all my Christmas lights, trees and decorations up all year. they bring me great joy. And  I'm listening to Happy Christmas Radio. Net. it's a way to drain my brain from all the cray! cray! happening out there. You shouldn't let others bad behavior take away your inner peace. 

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

I'm looking forward to it, from the standpoint that I'll be able to travel to NY to see friends.  Was planning on doing that on 2020, but cancelled, and then we in CA Bay Area entered a shutdown (and we're still in it).  Also looking forward to annual get togethers with local friends that were cancelled.  

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

I'll weigh in @Mominohio -- I don't need any more Christmas decor (famous last words, right?) so I plan to re-direct my attention to stores such as Home Goods, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.  By doing this I may spend more for an individual item, but I'll buy less, and I won't go through the agony of returning items through the mail and waiting forever to get a partial refund from QVC.  


QVC really ticked me off this year because I ordered a VPH wreath and never received it.  I wrote a lot about it on these boards.  It was an 'advance order' placed in September.  I received the entire collection (picks, candle rings, garland, teardrop) but not the wreath which is the main attraction.  QVC kept stringing me along by delaying the planned delivery date which never came.  To this day it's still on back order.


I don't believe this mishap is a result of covid delays since I received the other pieces in the collection.  I believe QVC totally mishandled my order, which seems to happen a lot lately.  


It's not the end of the world, but it has left a bad taste in my mouth for sure!

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

I am, DH and I both have jobs that are crazy during the holidays , falling on a Friday was a gift. I have the house were everyone gathers . We always have an annual party , where we make everyone bring a toy for tots . So I was sad I missed that charitable opportunity.  My holiday dinners went from about 20 people to just 6.  We enjoyed our time as a family , but I definitely missed the festivities .  I always think about next year color scheme & decor .  

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Re: Planning ahead to next Christmas/holiday season

For the first time since I can remember; no.


This year has brought so much upheaval, so much change. NOTHING we planned to happen happened and so many things we NEVER dreamed would happen....did. I'll be honest; I'm not a "fly by your seat" kinda person. ALways have a plan, a list and follow it. Need to have everything in order; leave nothing to chance. This year changed all that. Now, I'm not looking towards anything beyond a few weeks and that's for MAJOR stuff. Everything else? Wing it. Just let it happen. Not going to think or stress about anything because tomorrow may change the situation 180 degrees. 


Kinda sad, really. It is what it is, though.

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