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So how many of you watched a parade today on this holiday?There were 3 in my area this morning.I didn't go,but could faintly hear the marching bands.I drove by some schools and saw huge floats of all kinds. Took me back to my highschool days

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No parades in Arizona. Way to hot. 

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New York City's Labor Day Parade is actually happening next Saturday Sept. 9, which is a good thing weather-wise, as it is hot and humid here today and for most of next week.

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I'm in the metro-DC area and at least one parade has been cancelled because of the heat.

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We usually have a local horseback and hayrides with tractor ride for the kiddos and ends with a small rodeo but just cancelled due to the heat. Bummer...

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We didn't.  Lots of cook outs today.