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There's something about them!   So sweet and fuzzy, harbingers of spring.  I know that there's a certain group of us who can never get enough of them.




I had hung on to my branches from a few years past, tiptoeing around them, almost, so they wouldn't shed their little silvery catkins.   Some of them are pretty intact, even now.  But luckily, on a recent walk hubby found a new source in the wild,  off a country road that leads off of our hospital, just out of town.  It's hard to get to, but he managed to snag for me several fresh branches, yay.


Combined with the old ones, they're up on my "mantle"--  (for me, fireplace-less, I use the top of living room cabinet or drop front desk as mantle.)  Usually they go in a crystal Art Deco flared vase;  but I arranged the unruly twigs this time in my modern ombre vase.  Sorry I don't have the abillity to put up my own pictures here-- but here's my vase, a picture of which I found online:        








The vase with branches is at one end of the shelf, and at the other is a vintage looking cobalt blue bowl filled with preserved moss.


Willow branches enliven everything!  Anyone else here with p u s s y willow fever?   If you have them, how are you displaying yours?



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So lovely! When DH and I married his aunts brought us a

P U S S Y willow from their home in Wisconsin (it was his deceased dad's childhood home) and it meant so much to us. When we moved we took some of it with us and it continued to be part of our home. Sadly a few years ago we lost the plant. I think I will look for another this year, thank you for the memory jog.

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@Oznell : Thanks for the postand lovely pics.


My round DR table centerpiece is a tall and narrow clear glass vase just the perfect size and height to display my P willow branches.

Best part: they need no maintenance- they just sit there looking lovely and graceful until spring arrives in earnest, at which time I will feature something more appropriate for the season, but for now I am enjoying them!

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When I was in 4th grade, my teacher must have had p u s s y willow plants in her yard. She brought a bunch in and had a  few vases of them scattered around the classroom.


I was fascinated with them. I guess it was the first time I saw them. I still am fascinated with them.

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Pretty common here on Wisconsin once things warm up. I like them but have never brought them inside.

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When my husband was a small child, he cut some branches from a PW tree in a field and brought them home.  His mother put them in a vase and they sprouted roots.


He planted one of those small stick branches in the back yard.  By the time we got married, that branch was a tree.


His mother cut and brought in branches every spring.  Every now and again, I pass his childhood home and see that PW tree and it brings me a smile.


PW's are happy trees.

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I love them and I also love cattails. They are a nice way to bring the outdoors inside.

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I've always liked cute.

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@Oznell Love them and love the legend of how the PW tree came to be. So sweet.

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Wish I knew where to find them in my area. Would love to incorporate some in my decor.