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It might look a little better if the walls and ceiling weren't brown. 

And I believe Morticia Addams would have a better "way" decorating with black.

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Re: On The Dark Side

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Looks like Cruella Deville's tree.  Definitely no joy in that corner.  It needs LOTS of tinsel!

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If there are any 50s science fiction fans out there,  it reminds me of The Monolith Monsters.

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I have seen a black tree done well and even then I didn't really care for it, though it had some appeal. This one isn't even done particularly well and, to me, looks ridiculous.

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Not my style. Like someone else mentioned maybe if it had some festive lights and if the gifts were not black as well. 

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@Kachina624 This would fit in at The ADDAMS family perhaps!

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Re: On The Dark Side

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@Carmie @Kachina624   The first thing I thought of was a burnt tree.

          Last year, my oldest daughter had been going through a rough time, but still had a sense of humor. She did a Krampus tree.It was red with different Krampus ornaments that she made.    


     Krampus comes from a tradition in Austria and Germany,

in which he is human, scary, sort of like the Grinch. Kids are threatened to be whipped or abducted by Krampus if they misbehave, before Christmas.

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@FranandZoe wrote:

@ninjawife wrote:

My cousin has a black tree however she decorates it with her collection of Disney ornaments so it is not goth looking.  The black make her colorful Disney ornaments pop. 

So would green.

So would white.

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I saw a black tree once with Halloween decorations on it. Not something I would do but it looked cute. It was at a hair salon around Halloween.