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So what do you think of this all black tree with matching gifts?  Looks like a display in a mortuary.



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Makes you wonder what's INSIDE the packages ! Body parts ?

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Looks very goth to me. Not a fan.

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@Kachina624              G R I M

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When you look at it there is no feeling of joy or the spirit of Christmas. It is very dark and flat looking. Nothing about it makes you smile or think Christmas in any way.

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Morticia Addams decorates the family tree? 😂

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First thing I think of is coal.  Used to be a saying if you were bad you were getting coal for Christmas.  This family must have been really bad this year.

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If there were bright lights I think it would look nice.

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Boring and ....ugly. Not worth the work since you can't see anything....what is the point? 

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My cousin has a black tree however she decorates it with her collection of Disney ornaments so it is not goth looking.  The black make her colorful Disney ornaments pop.