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@TenderMercies  I noticed that the descriptions of Harry's items,  don't get the detail and attention that they used to.  How ridiculous not to put the description of the scent(s) for this piece. 


Maybe that,s why he keeps rattling them off while the host is talking.   He was not like this year's ago.  I get nervous and hyped listening and have to mute.  I love his stuff and after months of not buying anything, I got the candles and diffusers. I do wish they would list what,s in the scents.  

Harry was much more hyper than he used to be.   He always described the layers of scent beautifully but not at the crazed interrupting pace as he did recently.  He was the complete opposite of his wife, who is so calm and composed.  Love listening to Laura Slatkin.   I hope QVC will continue to feature Slatkin items, and once again detail the fragrances on their website,  as they did in the past.

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I have to agree about the hyper presentations, not by just Harry, but the host also.  I find it very distracting from the item they're trying to sell.  I don't like when people talk a hundred miles per hour, so I turn it off if possible. 

I did order a set of the  3-wick candles and  two sets of the newer 3-wicks for gifts.  I also ordered the tea lights for me and some other holiday scented tea lights for later on.  I like melting wax with my warmer and having a subtle scent throughout the house, instead of a bold presence.  I hope he brings back some of his fragrance oils.  My favorite is the Frosted Cranberry... the best...IMHO..not too strong, but smells of winter.. My hubby even likes that one..

I really don't care for all the metallic pumpkins, pedestals, etc, so didn't order any of those (except the fluted tea lite holders/candles)...

Hope he can calm down some of his presentations, as I like to hear how he comes up with different scents, etc, instead of trying to fight for airtime with the host..... just saying.....