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Re: Neighbor Gift Question

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Don't feel bad....who knows why people do the things that they do?  It was very nice of your neighbor to give you a gift but you really don't owe them anything other than being friendly & neighborly.


The day after Christmas my DH found a package of chocolate covered(sealed) popcorn in our mailbox.  I had no idea who it was from but it had been placed by someone and not mailed that morning.


There was a label at the top which gave a last name who it was from which I didn't recognize.  I did a group text with three of my old neighbors who live right on my cul de sac asking if any of them got a package of popcorn and forwarded some photos of it.


My neighbor two doors down knew that it was from our neighbor across the street who moved in two years ago...I rarely speak with her and don't have her phone number. 


She had used a different last name on the package than what I knew that she used (she's divorced) but my other neighbor knew her previous name...anyway it just made it more complicated but thank goodness for my neighbors the mystery gift was solved!


The gift giver is an attorney and I knew her website.  I sent a thank you email through her site since I didn't have her number and wished her a happy & healthy new year....again it was really unnecessary but it was still nice of her....however I'm not feeling guilty about not getting her anything.



I really don't want to get into a yearly gift exchange with her and if I felt the need to give her something in return it could be the beginning of that.


I think a nice message of thanks and good wishes is sufficent.