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This year I tried something different. After I put on the swags and picks, I decided to stop there. The tree has clear and multi color or slow changing modes. I may never do this again, but I’m enjoying it.


Wishing my Holiday posting friends a season of lights that stay lit, toppers that don’t topple, and trees that thrill!



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@SunValley,pretty,love the birds!Enjoy!

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@SunValley, your tree is lovely and does not need anything else!

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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I like it!

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Its very pretty.  Elegantly simple.  Thank you for posting it.

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It's pretty & probably looks even better when the lights are on.

I did not put everything on my tree this year either. It's in a corner so I did not decorate the back side which I always do. It takes so much time opening up all the packaging the ornaments are in.

So far that's all I have done. LOL!!!

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Very pretty and elegant looking. 

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I love it !

A week ago,I took everything off my tree and started over.

I put fewer lights on, a few pine cones, berries and snowballs. I like it so much better with way less on it. 

Have a wonderful Christmas ☺️

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I like it too. Since the tree is the least of my decor I do very little. Last year all I put on it were the clip on glass cardinals. This year just a few giant plaid ornaments. DH and I both like this approach.