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morewineplease Your porch is beautiful! I love your furbabies, too. There's nothing like a pet to brighten up a decoration!

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Beautiful front porch.  I love it.

And I love how you always include your beautiful pets in your pictures.

They sit so nice for the camera.  Smiley Happy

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Pumpkins and pups look good.

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@crazycockermom Love Valerie's wreaths and your entrance, but those pups steal the show!

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Nice porch. Love the wreath and the pumpkins. Those doggies are precious!

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@crazycockermom, I love it all.  So sweet! 

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Your dogs are so adorable!!!  So are the wreaths and pumpkins 🎃 Not overdone...just right!

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Your front porch is so pretty, I love it. So warm and welcoming. 


Also you mentioned you are looking for a nice runner. Have you tried Etsy? They have such nice things and for all prices. I have bought many things from them and have had very good luck. 

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Just beautiful!

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It took these old eyes three pictures before l saw the little one on the right.  I was busy looking at all else in the pictures when I spied him/her.  Love everything in your pictures.  Thanks for sharing.