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16" Lighted Penguin Décor Piece  I collect penguins, and isn't this just the cutest thing?  He will have a home on my kitchen counter.

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He is absolutely adorable ❤️🥰

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Re: My Holiday Purchase

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@wismiss   he is adorable!  Made a mistake ONCE of collecting a few snowmen.  Everyone bought me snowmen for years.  Kept one or two, the rest got donated.  Will never say that again. 


Im sure he is precious on your countertop. 

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@wismiss -

He really is cute!Woman Happy

And @lynnie61 -

I agree with you that once you say you like something, people tend to keep giving you that till it's all overflowing!

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Yes he is so cute.

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Loves me some penguins!Heart


penguin GIF

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Yep, I remember a long time ago, I thought I was collecting salt and peppers, then I was bombarded , all good intentions of course,  but you have to be careful, what you tell people what you like to collect.

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Ain't this the truth ...used to do, everyone thinks I need every flamingo item there is!  Case in point, I got a "pumpkin flamingo"🙄🤔 I said "ty" but what am I gonna do with it!




And this as a "gag" gift!!!   Please no more ...I have all I want or need for donation or yard sales😉






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Take all those unwanted items and see if there is a rescue or charity in your area doing silent auctions.  Then, donate


The flamingo pumpkin would be a hit!


I'm in the process of making gift baskets for a local rescue and it is amazing what I had "in stock" that had been gifted to me and unwanted.  


I'm rehoming a lot of things that were just taking up space, and the rescue makes some $$ for he animals.