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Careful folks!! I ordered 2 boxes of 9 each box of the Mrs. Prindables apples as I have done for years. However when they arrived instead of 18 total there were 14. Called customer service and they were very apologetic and credited 1 box. That was helpful of course but we sure missed the other 4...I give them to family and neighbors.
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Thanks for the heads up! I ordered the TSV with a ship date of 12/15 so I will be checking my order. I also give them out as gifts

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I buy my Mrs. Prindables at TJMaxx every year for a much lower price and they're always very fresh, juicy and tasty!


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I order every year.  Give them as gift for my mail carrier and newpaper carrier and a few neighbors.  And of course there is always one for me.  LOL