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Mother's day cards, sort of....

My mother has been evil most of her 91 years of existence.  She gave birth to 4 children, but consistently worships i, her son, a "recovered???" drug addict.  They are soldered together at their hips, or so it seems.  Anyway, she is now in a type of assisted living center at "The Catholic Home".  That in and of itself is funny, because she is the least Christian person I have ever known.  Anyway, my dad raised me after they divorced when I was 3, the youngest of the 4 children.  She took the others and left me with him since I was very bright and precocious and she called me the "devil's child", because I was physically and mentally faster than she was. 

ANYWAY, my dad taught me to send cards for every holiday, and since my lovely mother has not spoken to me since her birthday in July, I have a request.  Does anyone here know where to buy an ambivalent Mother's Day card or a "Bad Mother" Mother's Day card?  Years ago such cards were available, but I have scanned some sites and they miss the point.  Sorry if I offended some people hear, but I am tired of her nonsense!

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Re: Mother's day cards, sort of....

Take the high road and find a card that wishes her a good day and leave it at that.

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Re: Mother's day cards, sort of....

@comedy clubber  Although you have strong feelings about your mother, I don't think doing the "eye for an eye" thing is the right path to take.  What would you really gain by doing so?  If you really want to send a message to her though, perhaps the best card to send is none.  



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Re: Mother's day cards, sort of....

  I’m sorry you have such a bad relationship with your mom.I would suggest not sending her a card at all.Your dad had you do it when you were young,probably with the hope that your mom would change toward you.Apparently, that hasn’t happened.So I would skip the card.

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Re: Mother's day cards, sort of....

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@comedy clubber 

I had a "mother" who was a piece of cow dung.


Don't waste your time. The only one aggravated is you and she is NOT worth the effort to find her a card. I mean, why would you?

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Re: Mother's day cards, sort of....

Couple of thoughts....a pretty notecard that’s blank inside.  You could just write “Happy Mother’s Day” in it.


Or...really blow her mind by finding a lovely, sentimental card and send it.  She will be scratching her head.  


Or....just grab one from Dollar Tree....don’t even read the message, just sign your name and you are only out 50 cents.  


I guess the more you stew on it, the more power you give I would just pick anything and send it.  


If she is still sending you and your child birthday cards....I would not skip Mother’s Day.  As someone said earlier, take the high road.  

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Re: Mother's day cards, sort of....

@comedy clubber   I am sorry for the memories you have.  Tell yourself that it has always been your mother's loss by not knowing you.  And, I think it is.  No need to send her a card, it won't change anything.  Besides, don't lower yourself to that level. Instead, make a donation to a women's shelter or a pediatric hospital unit of to any charity of your choice.  Your kindness will make a difference and, I think you'll feel better too.

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Re: Mother's day cards, sort of....

Let it go... any simple Mothers Day card would. She will get the message.

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Re: Mother's day cards, sort of....

I wouldn’t bother with a card a all.

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Re: Mother's day cards, sort of....

@comedy clubber  if you are looking at this Mother's Day card as a kind of cathartic for you, why don't you make the card yourself. People who have had great or even good parents,cannot understand what it's like to have parents who should never have conceived. If it makes you feel better to let her have it on Mother's Day, then do what makes you feel good, it's she who failed you, not the other way around.