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But we have one more day!


Looks like we have one more day of CIJ next Friday.


I don't hold out much hope that there will be a bunch of new and exciting, but maybe some.


Hasn't been as exciting as the last two years for me, but I did manage to spend a little money and had a little fun.


For any who didn't know, we do get one more day though!

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Re: I thought it was over....

Oh my, just look at how much money we are saving.


I really believe it's the most ridiculous event for the month of July



...and don't buy those J Banks Christmas sweaters over at HSN, I saw my identical sweater last year at Bon Ton for $14.99, you just don't want to know how much I paid HSN for something that I thought was unique, those ugly sweaters were a dime a dozen last year.

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Re: I thought it was over....

Psst zulily might have something coming up too.