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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I only decorate for Christmas and have put less up this year than last, and will do a little less next year so it’s not such a drastic change when I’m down to just a tree and a few things.

I love that My house doesn’t look bleak after the holidays because I use a lot of red in my decor anyway.

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

Does this mean no more Christmas shower curtain?  Smiley Sad



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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I add a few things to the mantle for Easter and fall, and then put up a tree and decorate a bit more in the living room for Christmas. I’ll keep at it until it gets to be a chore rather than a pleasure. 

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

@esme wrote:

I'm tired of changing things inside with the seasons.  Tired of storing it, tired of moving some in and moving some out.  Inside there will be a tree at Christmas...and I think that may be it.  I don't want to do different bows, different garlands, different anything.  I want classic 11 out of 12 months.  There are other things I want to do with my time.  And I want less stuff!


Thanks for listening. Woman Happy

@esme  I've been there for about 7 years now and I love it.  I can't imagine doing that any more for the reasons you said.  I put flags out on holidays, pumpkins in the fall outside,  2 trees up at Thanksgiving on and that's it.


Someone does our outside lighting now, so that is a huge blessing!  


I am happier without the indoor decor.  There are too many other things to spend time, money and space on!  LOL!!

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I am in my early 60's and I still enjoy it for now. When I worked....I never had the time.


My family likes it and I'll continue until I can't anymore...

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I used to decorate for every season and really went all out for Christmas. I think it was because my mother did not do any of this when I was growing up - she didn't want to be bothered decorating baking etc so my dad did what he could and the kids helped. When I had my kids I was determined to have cookies baked & decorations done for them - fast forward to now that they are adults - I have cut way back - only 3 or 4 kinds of cookies, Christmas tree and mantle done plus a few wreaths. Works for me!

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I think most of us that are 'of a certain age' came up with very little in the way of home decor in general. It just wasn't a 'thing' in most people's lives, to decorate heavily let alone heavily for every season and little holiday. 


Fast forward, and about the 1980's it seems things started ramping up in the quantity and frequency of home decor. I blame my decor journey on Country Living Magazine. It was my 'gateway drug to decor addiction'. 


And things seem to have only ramped up since then. 


I have never been one to decorate for much of anything in the spring and summer. My life is just always too busy with outdoor work, and quite frankly, I don't like the seasonal things and holiday things beginning with Valentines and going through the summer. The exceptions being just a few Easter things that really are more vintage rabbit than  Easter, and one tiny box of things that I make one American vignette in the kitchen with, for the whole summer season. 


I love my fall things. I have put most of it together in the last three to five years, it is very curated and coordinated and I love that it gets three months worth of use. I'm always sad to take it down, but it only takes a couple of hours to set up and break up.


Christmas has gotten way out of hand at my house. And it probably wouldn't be a big deal that it has, if I felt better, but inflammation issues keep me never knowing when I will feel good and when I won't, so the work needs to be brought under control and managed, and I began that several years ago. 


But I so hear you @esme, about the storing, and moving in and out of things. It used to seem the eleven months between putting Christmas away, and getting it back out again, was sooooo long. Now it seems to roll around about every other month! LOL


I'm wanting my space back, even my storage space. I've held on, and not done a radical purge, as I have a 22 year old son that has moved out on his own, but isn't settled to the point of taking a lot of his things. When I can finally remove all his things from my home, I will have a lot of space back, and the Christmas stuff and other decor things will MAYBE not seem as stuffed. 


Even with the waiting, I've purged some this year, and I haven't bought a single seasonal or holiday thing to add, nor do I intend to for the foreseeable future. 


I'm in that struggle where I want and need to have less, but still want to use and enjoy much of it. 


Baby steps! LOL

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I reached that point last  year but I do still put out a little of my fall things because its my favorite season of the year.  I didn't put up a tree last year or this year but I have to admit that this year it bothers me not to have a tree up.  I think next year I may give in and buy a small one.  After Christmas is over, it is so nice not to have anything to take down, put away decorations and then get the house back to normal but right now, at this minute, I wish I had a tree!Smiley Sad

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

@esme I think we all go through these stages in our lives. Embrace them! There is no wrong or right. I never thought of decorating the house except at Christmas, and then just a nativity and tree. Then my DIL's decorations inspired me. I'm sure at some point I'll be over the decorations and will go back to just the Christmas nativity and tree. And my family and especially my DH will be just fine with that.

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I get it. Now I only do light decor for winter holidays. I used to display my ceramic pumpkin collection, Valentine centerpiece, Easter/spring stuff and seasonal table cloths, etc. Now I do a limited version at Christmas and only do this because I have grandchildren. Just over it. It's pretty, but I enjoy simplicity and not storing a lot of stuff.

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