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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating



I think you should do whatever is best for you🙂


I know personally I have containers in my attic for all holidays.  I used to decorate for all & seasons, but, I found with the little bit of seasonal decor I have stored in my guest closet serves as enough.  For instance, Thanksgiving I decorated with a few pieces & it was perfect.


I have beautiful things yet I don't feel the need to decorate this

way anymore.  It's just spouse & I now.   Even for Christmas this year -- I looked at the things I had.  I boxed the excess and dropped off to local woman's shelter.  Things were nice but didn't use any longer.


Once Christmas is over, it's going to be a breeze to pack up and next holiday, it'll be nice to only have a few containers vs. 10 I started with!


For me, life is changing rapidly in ways I never expected & I had/have too much stuff -- and I'm happy I'm paring down.  I haven't been tempted to buy anymore home or seasonal decor items I like the "less is more" look I've got now🙂



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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I only decorate my front porch. Spring/summer....fall....and the Holidays.  Nothing major. A wreath and such.  Inside not at all. 

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

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I work at home so I like seeing the decorating changes.


Christmas is huge. Other holdays I decorate a bit. (My pull out buffet table in the front room and front door  & dining room table)


l I like to change things up since I've here most days. 


I'm bored easily!



btw-- bought a Martha Stewart 6.5 flocked sparkle tree at Home Depot today.  DH & I are thinking to keep it up all year in the dining room in a corner on a timer.




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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating



I'm getting to the same place.


At my peak, I was changing for every season/holiday.  Stored everything in my craft room -- countless trips up and down 3 flights of stairs. Shuffling things in and out and reorganizing/storing after each change.  It was exhausting.


Also changed outside decor with every holiday/season.  Flags, flowers, wreaths....on and on and on.


So much stuff and it's expensive/exhausting.  


In the past, we entertained a lot, so it was worth it to me.  The house had to be perfect at all times.  All of this was self-imposed, so I'm not "blaming" anyone.  


It WAS beautiful, but I simply cannot do it anymore.  Part of me still wants to, but....The burden of all those things is overwhelming.


I do the bare minimum now and it's OK.


It's enough already!

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I've stopped too. My husband and I are in our early sixties and neither one of us have family nearby so we don't do a lot of entertaining any more. I don't want to store it, lug it out to put it up, box it up to put it away and then store it again. 


I went from lots of decorations when the kids were little to just having a Santa collection. After we moved south three years ago, I never took them out of the boxes again after we got to our new home.


I have a friend who ribs me about my furniture always being in the same place, every time she comes to visit. She is an auctioneer and runs estate sales and is constantly getting the best of the best in home furnishings for next to nothing and her home (while beautiful) is constantly changing. Not me. I'm happy with what I've done and see no reason to keep moving things in, out, and all around.

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I do a lot for Christmas.  I have 3 trees this year.  LOL


I don't do every little holiday.  I love how my home looks in its "regular" state.  I have a few things I put out for Fall, but that's it.  


The only rooms I decorate are the kitchen, family room and living room.  This year I added a tree in my bedroom because we spend so much time there.  It goes up in one day and down in one day.   I don't have Christmas decor on every surface either.  That would drive me crazy.  LOL


Everyone has a different threshold for decorating.  

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I have never really been into seasonal decorating.  I used to decorate for some some of the holidays when my kids were young, but once they were older, all that stopped.


i change out my front door wreaths and I decorate my gardens with flowers in the warmer months.  I love to plant and grow things outdoors..natural beauty.


I do minimal decorating for Christmas...just enough to make my DH somewhat happy.


Plastic trees and glass balls and lights don't do a thing for me. Ducking while I admit this...I think most seasonal decorating items are junk and a waste of time and space.

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

I love the idea of decorating.  I HATE taking it all down.  I mainly decorate in the fall and for Christmas.  Then I do just some small things for other times of the year.


I LOVE to put little touches around for Valentine's Day....mostly handmade items.  I think the red colors are so festive at that time of the year.


I've tried to organize things into special containers, so it's easier for my husband to carry the stuff up from the basement.  Woman Very Happy

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating

This year we "hired" our 18 year old grandson to help with the tree and some outdoor lights. I'm not sure if we could have done it without his help.  We have eliminated a lot of our Christmas stuff, and probably need to downsize even more after the holidays. 

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Re: I'm done with seasonal decorating


I reached your same conclusion years ago; it just took me until this year to say NO to holiday stress, and NO to doing what I’ve always done because it just seemed like I was supposed to.    


We only had seasonal decorations when my girls were small; we had snowflakes for January, hearts for February, shamrocks for March, etc.  They also emptied the Christmas tote every year until their late teens.   After high school they were satisfied with much fewer decorations, and as they got closer to 40, they’re not here enough to need any decor.   Thank goodness!   


I did put the big outside wreath on the porch, along with the snowman garden flag and our big Frosty snowman.   Inside is a holiday tablecloth and dish towels.   I bought one gift for my nephew, food for my mother, made my donations, and checks will be written to my girls.    Our holiday will be centered around sharing a meal with our family.   


I’m 63 years old, and need a quiet, reflective Christmas.