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I want to clarify something. The only 2 places I go are to the grocery store once a week and to the gym on Saturday & Sunday mornings. I work from home and live in a very small town. I only go at about 6 or 7 in the morning on weekends when no one is there. I used to go more pre-covid. I have managed to lose weight, get off a BP medication and I feel better. I know going to a gym could be considered irresponsible and in many cases I would I agree. I always feel a little guilty when I say I am going to the gym. 

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I can sympathize with everyone. 


We (husband and I) spent the day alone. Even with my mom just next door, we are avoiding personal contact with her. I did send her up little gifts every day this past week, and left them on the porch for her to find. On Christmas day we each spent many hours on the phone with relatives and family we don't see very often and those we usually do when Covid isn't interfering. 


It was a much different day for sure, and I'm actually glad it's come and gone, as it wasn't as horribly sad as I had anticipated it would be. 


Praying that next year is back to some kind of 'normal', and everyone can do something that makes them happy, or seems more normal. 

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Me/DH were alone, too.  Thankful he is here (had lung cancer last year).


Son/fiancee are in NC and they stayed there safe (her parents are in TX).


All those years hurrying/shopping/traveling/decorating/baking/working FT/dealing with our elderly parents and poof!  It changed.


Missing our parents but glad they're not here to deal with Covid.


VERY disappointed to see that our siblings all had their kids come from out of state with their babies/children to celebrate.  Hope like **** no one gets the virus.


Hope 2021 is better for everyone!!

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I miss you and think of you often.


So sorry you were not able to visit the ocean for Christmas, 

and hope you get to see it soon.  DH and I managed to stand on one of the piers for almost 30 min. back in September.  Way too short, but it had been a long time, and we were happy to have that snippet.


Sending you Best Wishes, and a Star 🌟 to hold on to until

you can get to the ocean.  💙💙💙



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I had the same  thought -- it was relaxing vs. holiday stressful moments.


I'm getting used to family time via facetime🙂.  Then again, my GD thinks it's her "private hotline" but I 💓 it!





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@Marsha2003 wrote:

Best wishes for better days for everyone.  I had a great day.  Normally, I am rushed off my feet to get everything done, but this year, I was able to ignore traveling, cooking and cleaning and just enjoy the peace and joy of the day.  We had a family Facetime call this morning with my aging parents and a long Facetime call with our daughter and son-in-law last night.  I was actually able to have a conversation with them because, unlike most years, I didn't have a list of tasks to accomplish.  

@Marsha2003  Every holiday and birthday this year was celebrated with zoom! The technology is amazing, and after each time I realized how much more 'time' I spent wth people. In person, you're bopping from one to another, helping in the kitchen, etc.  WIthout all the other 'stuff' you could really connect with family members. I do miss the hugs though Heart- that'll be next year. 

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@Still Raining wrote:

What made me sadder yesterday was seeing how many were out and about as if nothing was amiss.  


You're a nicer person than I am. Seeing people ignoring rules that are for our own protection is infuriating.

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@BunSnoop  Beautiful words, and I miss my Mom amd Dad so very much, and I'm grateful for the wonderful memories of my Christmas growing up.

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Re: I am sad today

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GoneButNotForgotten:   100% agree.    


It makes me mad as @ell when I see on the news that, while travel was down a litle for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it should have been at zero.   I had plans to visit some friends in NY that, due to a variety oircumstances, I haven't seen in 3+ years, but, wanting to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, I cancelled my plans.


On the news, I see video of celebrations and carolling parties, and I sometimes think, why am I going out of my way to follow guidelines, when so many others are not?   There are tons of people everywhere who won't even wear a stinking mask!!


I live in CA, where we are curently in a month-long complete shutdown (is supposed to end on Monday, but I doubt it) and where cases (mostly south of me in the Central Valley and So Cal) are spiking, and I wonder, "where are all these cases coming from?", and then I learn that a friend went to visit her dad in AZ, and her brother & his gf flew to England to see her family (who she hasn't seen all year.  boo-hoo)!  THAT'S where they're coming from:  people who act selfishly and without regard to how their actions are making this thing drag on longer than it needs to, and putting lives at risk in the process.  


And now the vaccination rollout is a big sh*tshow.


I'm venting, I know, and I will continue following guidelines, but I won't be gracious about it.      Cat Wink


Happy New Year to all, and here's to better times ahead!!!

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@KCDiva how are you feeling?  I am sending you well wishes.  Hope to brighten your day a bit.


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