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Two weeks ago DH  and I went to an arts festival and there was a vendor that paints portraits of your pet.  DH and I decided to have our DD's newly adopted dog, Tilly portrait painted to give DD as a xmas gift.  


Yesterday I made my list of gift ideas for my two DD.  They and my BFF are the only people I buy gifts for.  


This morning after watching the Philosophy show I purchased 32 ounce sized Snow Angel body wash for DDs.  I get them some configuration of Snow Angel every year.  


Are you ready to shop or are already done?

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Re: I am ready to xmas shop!

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I'm not necessairily a 'seasonal' shopper.  I tend to shop all year long picking up some things I think my family will like and appreciate.  That's not to say, I don't shop in the months just before Christmas.  I'm always open to purchases whenever the price is right.  I have a big box that I tagged just for Christmas items and keep it in a walk-in closet in the guest room.  When I buy the items, I tag them with the person's name on them, so I don't forget who they're for or so I don't accidentally buy duplicates of the same or similar item.  


Just yesterday, I also bought a few kitty toys  for Christmas and decided to stash them in a plastic bag in the Christmas box as well..  Wouldn't you know, one of our kitties (the smart and curious one)  was on to me and followed me right to where I was unpacking them and putting them in the closet.  That little bugger sat in front of the closet, staring at it for about 30 minutes or longer knowing all too well his goodies were just a door opening away!  lol

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Re: I am ready to xmas shop!

I Christmas shop year round.  If I see something I think someone may like, I pick it up.  Especially if it's on sale.  The other day I picked up a Pandora charm for my daughter and it was 30% off.  I also bought the Philosophy TSV today for myself and my daughter.  Husband and I exchange little gifts as we usually put the money towards the house or a vacation.  I have to get moving on Christmas stocking stuffers though.

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Re: I am ready to xmas shop!

I no longer shop for Christmas.

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Re: I am ready to xmas shop!

I bought a sweater for my adult niece last week.  I didn't think of it as a Christmas present.  That only occurred to me after it arrived.  So..  that is one present.  I enjoy shopping for holiday presents.  I love wrapping them.  I like to be finished by 12/1 so I can get on with decorating, baking spending time with friends.  


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Re: I am ready to xmas shop!

The older I get, the less I want to be bothered. I do it anyway, but no idea when I'll start.

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Re: I am ready to xmas shop!

I shop all year long.  When I see something that would be a good gift for someone on my list I get it on the spot and tuck it away for Christmas.  That makes things easier and less stressful for me during the busy holiday season.

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Re: I am ready to xmas shop!

Already made a couple small purchases as gifts to oour three young granddaughters who will be visiting us at Christmas. 

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Re: I am ready to xmas shop!

@deeva wrote:

I no longer shop for Christmas.

I agree with you. It's just my hubby and me and we stopped giving to each other years ago. I buy one gift card for our hairdresser and that's it. We put up a tree and have a nice dinner. Simple and no stress.

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Re: I am ready to xmas shop!

It's just DH & me, so we get each other a couple of small, simple gifts to open Christmas morning. We quit exchanging with family & friends years ago...way too many siblings, spouses, nieces, nephews, etc! I think a lot of them still exchange gifts, which is fine--but we told them we were stepping back, and they were good with it.


Over the last couple of years, we've spent a lot of $'s updating our house...that's enough of a gift for me!