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Re: How early do you decorate?

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My family wants to start decorating next month and Im considering it. Does anyone decorate early for Christmas




I'm sorry you are getting such nasty responses. The holiday forum was set up so those who want to talk about any holiday at any time of year had a place to do so without being ridiculed. 


Usually the posters here are much more friendly and accepting. 


I follow more than one Facebook page that deals with Christmas and many people never undecorate and some that do start redecorating in the summer, so I don't find your post shocking at all.


I listen to Christmas music online off and on all year too, as well as visit Facebook pages dedicated to the season.


When qvc has Christmas in July, I decorate the coffee table in the family room for a short time while I enjoy the programming. 


I say do what pleases you and your family and post pictures here. Many of us would love to see them. 

Thank you so much. I usually read and dont post much. Seeing all the negative responses for asking a question in the appropriate forum is a turn off, but wont keep me from posting 😊

Oh boy... So why ask a question if you only want to see responses that agree with you... Appropriate forum or not, people have opinions...




Actually, most replies have not been an answer to my question "How early do you decorate?".


They have been judgemental rude comments that show the posters character.  


Perhaps that's because you followed up your question with the statement that your family wants to start decorating now and then posed another question, asking if anyone decorates early. Hence, you received many responses that essentially said 'not this early'... and some that said you should do what you like, which is true... I don't think the bulk of responses were rude or judgmental and so am no more inclined to make inferences about anyone's 'character' by reading them than I am to make assumptions about anyone's character because they choose, as is their right, to decorate for Christmas in June... To answer your original question, not that it really matters at this point, but I tend to decorate for Christmas in mid November. 

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Re: How early do you decorate?

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My family wants to start decorating next month and Im considering it. Does anyone decorate early for Christmas?


@atm1215  November for some rooms, right after Thanksgiving for the kitchen.  I used to begin in October because I decorated so much more years ago, still decorate a lot, but not as much as then.  One room I leave decorated all year.  It is closed off, so no one sees it but me whenever I choose to.  

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Re: How early do you decorate?

Do what makes you happy!


If you want your Christmas decorations up this month or next month, DO IT!!!


If you want Christmas decorations up all year long, DO IT!!!


Life is too short to care about what other people think of you.


Enjoy your decorations and put them up when YOU want to!



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Re: How early do you decorate?

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All- I never imagined that asking a question about decorating for Christmas in the Holiday forum would cause such controversy. Like I said before, I frequent the boards and read, but dont post much. To clarify, this is not a Christmas in July post for QVC nor is it a joke. My decision to decorate early or not is not influenced by any of you. Just thought it would be interesting to see if others decorate early and how early. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to respond so far (kind or not). Please remember that it takes a lot more effort to be rude than to be nice; and no one wants to be on the naughty list! Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄

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Re: How early do you decorate?

I totally agree with you!  Christmas is my favorite time of year, because it symbolizes the birth of God's Precious Son. I am going to get out more Christmas decorations that I put away from last year......and make this a Christmas in June, July, August, September, October, November and December home. 


I really do LOVE this topic - and thank you for posting it.

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Re: How early do you decorate?

Decorate for what? Fourth of July?

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Re: How early do you decorate?

Two trees up year-round, here.🎄


I'll embellish in the fall, around Thanksgiving time, but in the mean time, I'll enjoy my trees.


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Re: How early do you decorate?

I start decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving and finish the day before Thanksgiving.  I like getting it done early, because it takes a long time to decorate.  I want to be able to relax and enjoy everything once Thanksgiving happens.  As much as I adore the season, I don't think I could decorate this early.  Part of enjoying the decorations is that they are only up at that special time of year. If they were up for 6 months, it could diminish the spirit of the season when the actual season rolls around.  You might get so used to seeing the decorations every day that you could feel immune to the spirit of the season when it happens.  Also, to be totally honest, if I walked into someone's home this time of year and saw Christmas decorations, I would think they were lazy and had not taken them down from last year, or I would just suspect that they were kind of peculiar.  

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Re: How early do you decorate?

I like to decorate November 1st. To me the holiday season begins right after Halloween.

I also like to undecorate December 30th. It seems if I wait until after New Year's I really lose all motivation to put it all away 🤗!! 

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Re: How early do you decorate?

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I decorate with artificial trees and greens, so I decorate the day after Thanksgiving, and keep everything up until the end of the Epiphany.


I do keep one small artificial Christmas tree (4ft. and fits in an urn) up all year in my bedroom.  Not decorated, but still up with tiny white lights.


Christmas in July is when I start eyeing and buying that year's Christmas decorations, but usually just one or two things.  I love to wait till the stores are actually filled with Christmas decorations to go all out with my buying.


Christmas is the only time I truly decorate for a holiday -- I don't decorate for Halloween, Easter, or Thanksgiving (except the fully decorated table for dinner).  I don't decorate for Spring or Fall/Harvest either. 


Have fun decorating!  Be happy!