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QVC launched a new website called:


It's their QVC+ platform, which is basically everything they have on their streaming channels.  So now if you don't get their streaming channel, you can see all the loads of videos by going to their new website.


I noticed several short videos showcasing Grandin Road's upcoming Halloween catalog photos, and lots of decorating ideas.  I don't decorate for Halloween,but I love looking at decorations every year.  Grandin Road has some fabulous items.


If you go to the website, just scroll down until you see:





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I love the Grandin Road catalog also. Another place you can go and buy from QVC. 

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@Caaareful Shopper  Thanks for the tip! (I think Smiley Wink) I just spent a half hour browsing and watching. Had to bookmark the website and stop so I could get some work done!

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I just saw that QVC has added the QVC+ link to their homepage.


At the top right of the page, you see Watch & Shop.  Click on the drop down arrow and the last link is "Stream QVC+ for Free."


Once there, you'll see QVC+ HSN+ Start Streaming.  That takes you to the new website and all of the videos.

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@Caaareful Shopper   Thanks for letting us know. I love of my favorite times of the year.