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Saw these today at the grocery today. They are really cute for Halloween

for your kitchen. Choices from left are Frankenstein, pumpkin and ghost.


Not sure if there was another one, as it looks like they had more on the

shelf with the empty space there.


I have enough regular ones now but I might get the Frankenstein one next

visit if there are any left.




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Do these work any better than "regular" sponges? They are cute, but I'll NEVER see these in the stores I shop at. Hard enough to find regular, square medium sized sponges.

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@bluehost  I have actually purchased both Scrub Daddys and Scrub Mommys.

I prefer the Scrub Mommys more as they have one side soft and one side tough

for your major scrubbing of pans, pots, etc.


I think they last longer than your regular sponge as they are a little more expensive.

Seems more places these days are selling them as I even see them at CVS too.

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Oh, lord, I am so over scrub daddies! They are murder on my hands.

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When this line first came out, they were really great and long lasting. 


About two rounds in and QVC and the vendor managed to cheapen them to the point they crumble after just a day or two. And dummy me, I tried several times, but they were never the same again.


Never again for me.

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LOVE my scrub daddys and scrub mommys.

mine last a long time and i freshen them up by washing them in the dishwasher.

i use rubber gloves when i am cleaning, so they are not tough on my hands.



these halloween versions are so adorable! hope they come out with some thanksgiving or christmas versions!


i have given gift boxed sets of these as gifts for friends and family who came to our home during the holidays.

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They're cute but unfortunately that's not a quality I prize in household cleaning products.  Smiley Sad

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@bluehost I see them at my Lowes Home Improvement store.
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@threecees - Those are really fun designs; definitely some clever marketing!


@Mominohio - I have to agree with you—I really liked the Scrub Daddy at first, but starting with the second round I bought, they just didn't hold up at all. No matter how special a sponge is, if it doesn't last more than two weeks, it's not worth the money. I'm fairly sure that the holes for the face do something to the overall integrity of the sponges; perhaps if they made a solid version, I'd try the product again. It is certainly unique to utilize the different properties/options Scrub Daddy offers by simply changing the water temperature...

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I think they're adorable and at a great price. 

My Scrub Daddy(s) seem to last forever. I hang them sideways in a suctioned sponge holder so they drip dry. Love that they dry quickly and don't hold the germs and funk.

I've also tried the off brands, but they're not as size friendly to me.