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Halloween Humbug

Anyone else out there not a fan of Halloween? I am in my 60's, live alone and have shut my lights off on Halloween night for the past few years. I live in a very large, friendly and safe neighborhood but don't want to be opening my front door to all of the trick/treaters. I also have type II diabetes and don't want to have all that candy around, but I am trying to do better and participate in Halloween at some level. Any suggestions on a good compromise?

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Re: Halloween Humbug

I get it. We live in maintenance provided community. I keep candy on hand for grandkids of neighbors. When kids were young we'd dress up to hand out candy. Husband would even hide in the bushes and scare kids. We're over it. But totally understand others having fun. We have a lot of 'trunk or treats' in church parking lots and that's a safe and fun thing for kids to do. 


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Re: Halloween Humbug

I do what you do......and basically for the same reasons.  Halloween not my thing.  (and can be dangerous)

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Re: Halloween Humbug

I understand as well...and I still have kids at home!  But mine are teens so I make them answer the door now....I think when I get older we will probably not bother, most of the kids that come around are older, no little ones, I have to admit I like the little ones, the teens not so much🙄

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Re: Halloween Humbug

@kjayr   Do you have a neighbor who lives in a house right next to you that hands out candy on Halloween night who would pass out your candy too and would tell the kids that "here's mine and here is candy from the lady at number 16?"


I used to do that for a neighbor who had to work nights and had no one else at home to do this for her.


Or is there a firehouse or community center in your area that throws a party for kids that you could donate candy to and perhaps attend and see their fun and wonderful costumes?

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Re: Halloween Humbug

My neighborhood has a Halloween Block Party the weekend before Halloween for any kids in the neighborhood. Then we don't have kids roaming the streets. I still turn off all lights.

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Re: Halloween Humbug

First trick or treater gets here at 4p.m. and last ones arrive by 6p.m. Assuming it is a safe neighborhood, I don't see why someone in their 60's wouldn't want to play along for a few hours. You don't have to give candy. Dollar stores have other treats like pencils and whistles you could distribute. We only get 30 to 50 kids depending on the weather and it makes me remember how much fun Halloween was for me as a kid.🎃

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Re: Halloween Humbug

@kjayr. I'm in the same situation you are but thankfully there are no trick or treaters in my neighborhood.   We seem to have households with no children or older kids.   I've been here 20 years and in that time, not a single trick or treater.

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Re: Halloween Humbug



More and more children who traditionally trick or treat find dark houses and closed doors.

Yes, many people do not want to be bothered or feel that they can participate. Safety and security are also more of an issue than in the past.


It is a sad reflection on society that former childhood pleasures are being dismantled and lost in many areas.


I live on a great street and many neighbors decorate and participate in Halloween.  Some people acutally drive their children to our street, as it is very safe and welcoming.


One of our elderly neighbors sits on the porch for the first hour and gives candies out as the children come around.  Usually the youngest children come earliest. These days, children are almost always accompanied by parents. After the first hour or when the candy runs out, he goes in and turns off the lights.


I have many great memories of Halloween, and I try to recreate those experiences for the children of today.

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Re: Halloween Humbug

I actually enjoy Haloween.  I like seeing the excitement in the kids faces and their pride in their costumes.  It also brings back memories of my childhood and how much fun it was planning your costume then coming home and sorting the candy you recieved.  What I don't enjoy is getting up and answering the door every few minutes, but it's only for a few hours and once a year -- I can deal with it.  My neighbor just leaves a bowl of candy on the porch and that works ok too.