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H227556 Mr Christmas carousel

 I watched the presentation of this item yesterday, I was very tempted to order but not at that price,  WOW !!!  With Tax and shipping my order would be $349.00 that is a lot !!!  Between shipping and tax is almost $50 !!!  At least give free shipping on this item.    A good friend of mine purchased the same exact carousel last Christmas for $149.00 @ Costco!!!!!   I know it's exact because I've seen hers in person plus I have a photo on my phone and took a look at it , same reindeer , same embellishments , mirrors everything !!   Only thing is hers only came in the traditional color I want the pink that us what tempted me in the first place .    I also noticed noticed the music is different from previous music boxes from Mr Christmas,   I have a light blue carousel from mr Christmas that I purchased from QVC about 8 yrs ago and the music is so well done !   When listening g to it yesterday it is more unrefined ,  not sure how else to describes it,  very fast pace and tin sounding.  Must be usinga different arranger.   

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Re: H227556 Mr Christmas carousel

It is very cute but way too pricey for me to put out for just one month each year.