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H209821 Dickens flocked horse

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  • IMG_20190531_160613_201.jpg He goes well with the carolers in the sleigh. Sale and free shipping. He is awesome. Some had flocking issues however. Mine didn't, thank goodness.
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Re: H209821 Dickens flocked horse

That looks great! Love it.

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Re: H209821 Dickens flocked horse

Thanks for the HU! I don't have Valerie's sleigh but I have two others - one with carolers and one with Santa. The horse should look great with one of them.

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Re: H209821 Dickens flocked horse

Very beautiful horses.  The first one ordered had small patches of flock missing.  Second ordered also with loss.  


The horses manes were chopped instead of cut like horses manes grow.  I trimmed them a bit to make them look better.  


The reins of both horses are too short, don't even reach to the childrens' hands.  


Against my better judgement, kept both thinking they probably were all like that.  Fortunately, not very noticeable at a distance.  


For $250 paid for the sleigh and two horses, the quality should have been much better.  


But, they do make a statement and I kept the sleigh and horses up throughout the winter.  Received a lot of compliments.