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I think more times than not we are getting the same quality or maybe more when we buy locally and for less.  In my experience I have moved away from "illuminated items" as I find more times than not they stop working at all!   Other than flameless candles which I love, I don't buy things that light up for the most part anymore.  

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@LindaSal I'm with you. Other than the flameless candles (and sometimes they have issues too), I stopped buying items that are illuminated as they seem to have a short span of time where they actually work.


I also prefer lanterns where the candle is removable so if it stops working, I can replace with another one. It's frustrating to have a lantern with candles that SAID it was indoor/outdoor safe and yet only lasted a year if that.

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I have seen VPH items in so many different Christmas catalogs and websites yet when ever I say Ih I have that it’s a Raz product I am quickly corrected by some team member that posts as her on fb (you can usually tell when it isn’t actually Valerie) . Like that exact little Christmas tree in the Santa sack also comes in a gingerbread classic theme and was way cuter.