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If you have a flag, why not everyday?



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All year here too.  Decorate graves too.  My father was a veteran and so is my husband.

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We have strict rules with our HOA as far as flags.   We do have a small mailroom stand alone building for the 100 units here.  That building has a US flag flying year round and there is a retired military man that lives here that does the raising and lowering daily.  

As unit owners we are allowed to hang wreaths outside and I have a beautiful red white and blue flowered wreath I purchased from Balsam Hill that I put up and it will be up all summer long until I switch to the fall decor.    My dad and brother both served so the military is always in my heart.

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I do not put out my flag everyday because I won't always remember to bring it in at dusk or if it would stuck out in the rain.  

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My husband always puts out our flag on holidays. He just did in fact out on the front porch in the flag pole. Now that the front porch is all clean and ready for sitting (which I did last week) we sat out front late afternoon, he hung two buntings on the hand rail.



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I have a patriotic wreath on my door, very visible from the road

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Yes, I put my flags out first thing this morning.  I do it for all the patriotic holidays.  I don't leave them out all year because I like something special to mark the holidays and remember and honor those who served and those who have passed.

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Yes, my flag flew beautifully today with a light wind.


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We line our long sidewalk (40 ft) from the street to the front door with American flags and put small ones in the planters on the porch. Will take them down tomorrow morning until the Fourth of July
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We fly our flag all year long~ our porch looks bare without it.