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Does anyone know when the first shopping date is when you have until January 31st for returns?  Thank you!

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Re: Extended Holiday Returns

You may want to post this in the Customer Care forum and a mod will see it quicker or call customer service and ask them.

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Re: Extended Holiday Returns

Anything you purchased during any x-mas in July show or any other holiday only show has the extended policy.  But it's not in place yet for all merchandise.  My best guess is they will be doing all holiday programming on the 25th of September and it will start for good at that time but I don't know. 

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Re: Extended Holiday Returns

Usually it's the last week of Sept.  I haven't seen anything posted and the return rules haven't been updated.  I'd expect to see something next week.

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Re: Extended Holiday Returns

@daisy2006  It looks like the Holiday Return Policy has started.  At the bottom of the home page it shows Extended Holiday returns.  I didn't see it yesterday so think it may have started today.