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Received a package from QVC (Valerie's Baking Gingerbread Santa) today.  I didn't know USPS delivered on Sunday.  I did get a message from UPS My Choice saying it would be delivered on Tuesday.  Not complaining - just suprised since my regular mail doesn't get delivered until 8:00 at night.  Thank you UPS and USPS workers!

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In my area, USPS has been making package deliveries on Sundays in for some time.

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I got 4 items from UPS yesterday (Saturday) and have had items delivered by the post office on Sundays.

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did anyone get my package that was scheduled for delivery on 9/30?!  lol......

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I also have received Sunday deliveries for a while now.  Sometimes they are regular people driving cars.  I think maybe they hire out to people to deliver, if they are behind.

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They have been delivering here on Sunday since last Christmas season.

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I received a package on Sunday too, from USPS.  Not from QVC though.

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I have received both ups and Fed Ex on Sundays.