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@Kachina624 wrote:

Cookie dough is so quick and easy to mix up and freeze yourself.  You can make double batches and easily have a large quantity.   You have to be very busy or lazy to buy it.


Or you just don't WANT to go through the work of making cookie dough and cleaning up afterward.  Some bakeries sell cookie dough now.


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Re: David's Cookies

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It seems like whenever they show cookies on the Q they are soft and squishy.  They even make a point of squeezing and tearing them to emphasize that point.


I hate soft squishy cookies!  I like a nice crunch to my cookies!  They don't need to be hard as stone, but they need to have some "body" to them IMO.


I think Cheryl's cookies look like they would be way too much for me with that icing slathered on top of the soft cookie.


I never tried the David's cookies because I have a hard time watching those presentations.  That woman who has been their rep forever seems like a very nice person but I cannot get beyond her voice.  I have to change the channel.


Pepperidge Farm used to have 2 great cookies that were chocolate and crispy.  "Beacon Hill" were good size chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks in them.

They also had a smaller cookie which was called "Brownie".  Crunchy and chocolate without chips.


My supermarkets now only seem to have 72 varieties of Milanos.  



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@Janey2, I so agree,they are so good! I have arthritis. They are so easy to make. Such a wonderful product,if you love good cookies ,but
your not able to cook anymore.
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I HATE making cookies---and have bought Davids Cookies---they were ok--not as good as home made,  just ok. I pay $7 for a dozen of already baked brownie cookies that are amazing at my local grocery store. that's good for me !!

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I bought the cookie dough last Christmas and DD and her boyfriend baked them, came in so handy as I had an accident and was on crutches so no baking from me, I must have been physic as I don't usually buy baked goods, prefer to make my own, though not often.


I also bought these David's cookies,Butter Pecan Meltaway, they are addictive!

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I like crunchy cookies, too! When I was a kid my mother would lightly burn a tray for me. I love that caramelized taste and crisp texture. Cakey cookies are not my jam. I always feel like the odd one out Smiley Happy


Insofar as store-bought have you tried Tate's? Nice and crispy. Also, Stacey's Brownie Brittle is delicious (available at Amazon and Kroger).



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David's Cookies Pecan Meltaways are fabulous!


But I think all their other cookies are barely OK, including their famous chocolate chip.  I get much tastier cookies from my local Wegmans and Fresh Market, and I don't have to crowd my freezer with a hundred of them.