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Re: Dan Hughes and holiday lighting

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I didn't look, @Nomore, but it should be in the front since it was supposed to be used to place a candle for travelers to see.  At least I think I'm remembering that correctly.

@GingerPeach, that is what I thought, too, it could be that window upstairs? But if it is an old (as I thought) house, it should be on the first level.


Yea, I saw the group at the front door, too, I couldn't figure out what that shadowy stuff was in the regular size.


At this page

@is a video.  The link is in the box just to the left of Dan's picture.  At @50seconds in is a shot of that tiny window which seems to be on the side of the house.  Earlier in the video are shots of that window but the one at 50 seconds shows it in relation to the whole room.  And at @1.06 he explains the purpose of the window.


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Re: Dan Hughes and holiday lighting

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Thanks for the link! It didn't dawn on me to think of looking. 


 I've seen a house with a large fireplace like that at Colonial Wmsburg. But, it didn't have a window.  I think that is what is unusual. There's a lot of light streaming through the window, unless the room was very dim during filming,  so I thought I might be able to see it.


After looking at the video and the two photos, I can say its on the left with the Christmas lights, but the tiny window is on the right side wall, looking from the front of the house on the video. The side wall may have been the front of the house long time ago.


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