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We set our 4 year old pre lit tree up last Friday to be sure all the lights were lit. Good , they were all lit. Spent all day Saturday decorating it. Last night half the lights on the middle section went out.At least we still have half the lights. Of course this happened when we had friends over for dinner.I'm praying the remainder of the lights last thru the season, & it looks like a new tree next year. I think 4 years seems to be about all you get from these pre lit trees. Our previous ones lasted about this long as well.

We have a 9 foot Santa's Best tree from QVC.  First year it worked fine, nothing but problems since.  Last year for it.  I've gotten two other trees from Home Depot, on clearance after Christmas.  Pre-lit 7 foot for $50 and it works great year after year after year.  I will no longer purchase any trees from QVC.