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I'm tired of this already. Too many all day shows of it. JMO

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Agree 👍

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Re: Christmas in July

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here is link to the program guide

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The whole thing is ridiculous, IMO.  Most likely to be better prices the closer we get to the holiday.  Would never buy this far in advance.

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@kaydee50  Historically NO.  Also, many items shown now, sell out and are not available the closer we get to the Holiday.

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I 100% differQVC offers a wide variety of shows and could no way please every single person every single show. I watch more QVC in July for CIJ than any other time. These are my favorite shows they have to offer. I have already purchased many gift items. This is so helpful for me personally, as I am more prepared at Christmas and less stress. These shows warm my heart and make me think of my family and our wonderful time together at Christmas.


QVC is not the only retailer promoting Christmas in July. The world offers many choices so hopefully you can find exciting things to do elsewhere. 

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Love CIJ, it's the only programming I watch on Q. I always buy gifts ahead & I'll be finished shopping for Christmas by the end of August then wrapped & shipped to family the first week in November....doing this also gives me the time to donate & volunteer with locals groups that collect gift requests from foster children & families in need. I also have a huge $ property tax bill I pay in December so shopping sales early helps with my budget too.

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CIJ is  the only programming I watch regularly other than In the Kitchen with David.  I have gotten my gifts and except fora  couple of gift cards my shopping is now done.  I much prefer this to the countless hours of fashion.


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Seems like most of what little I've seen is the exact same stuff they sold last year.  Leftovers?  I get sick of looking at such cheap-looking, plastic, junk.  I think CIJ is just an excuse for a big clearance sale.

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I don’t buy much, but it’s the best prices of the year for most repeat Christmas items, and food.  I get some food items and they ship in November or early December.  Advanced order, and I pick early ship weeks. A lot of one day or one show prices, so may not be lower later.  


Yes, could be some leftovers this year, as so many delayed ocean containers didn’t arrive and unload in time.  Better prices to clear it out.  


There are days that I choose to not watch, Dyson, mattresses, etc.  but then I just don’t watch.  I online shop at other places, too.  


So many that can’t stand CIJ but are here every day in the holiday forum.  I just don’t get it......