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Re: Christmas in July not far off.

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@aroc3435   I did order the advanced order of the toffee.  Missed out on the butter but got the Almond combo. I ordered Sunday, and got the QVC2 big deal price, wasn’t sure if that price expired.  I have not tried the Germack mixes.  Enjoy!  Enjoy your 30” lantern, did see that they sold out by mid day.  A little pricey, but many love their Luminara lanterns.  


Also ordered some Beekman cherry blossom hand wash on Saturday.  Free shipping on that item.  May or may not save for a gift. Still love Valerie’s shows to relax and for ideas, but I really don’t need one more decor item.  😍. Glad to see my CIJ friends, and are here to share.  


@Regal Bee we will be around most of July and then some.....  Some having sign in issues.  I just won’t let the CIJ haters ruin my fun.  Will try to stop back often.