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Re: Christmas Tree Shops visit

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Did not know BB&B "owned" them.  Just curious, what changed that you didn't like?


I rarely went when they first opened, but, in the last few years, I've been making gift baskets for local rescues and find a lot of smaller items that are clever and not too expensive.


I've not bought any larger items, although I do see many shopping for furniture, etc.


For me, they are more of a seasonal novelty store.  Was just there again a few days ago, and they seemed to be stocking up from the previous visit.  I found a lot of pretty things.

@Witchy Woman  They've taken away many household/seasonal/outdoor, etc items and replaced with beauty products etc. that are on the one whole side of the store. They have gotten rid of some many of the decorating items to be replaced with beauty, food and more. Not the store it used to be.

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Re: Christmas Tree Shops visit

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Yes, now that you mention it, I believe you are right.


The other day, the checkout lines routed shoppers to the registers through a maze of basket shelving that had every manner of stuff in it that would not be a regular purchase for me.


The store I visit still has enough seasonal stuff to keep me hoping THAT doesn't change even more.


That is one reason I never shopped BB&B.  It was always so stuffed and junky I could never find anything.  Items were always overpriced, too.  We have or had a huge one that I went in once and that was it for me.