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These are almost identical to the little midcentury brass quail I have.  I see these fairly often while thrifting and antiquing-- they must have made a lot of them at one time!

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birds salt and pepper.jpg

These birds I got from my Mom. This is not a picture of my Mom's. In fact my Mom's are in much nicer condition. Mom only used them a few times because she didn't like how the salt reacted to the metal. Guess they were a wedding gift. And my parents were married in 1946.


PS - Guess they aren't chubby

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Those didn't last long! Sold out. Do Valerie's things ever get reordered?

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Oh, I love those vintage salt and pepper shakers that you received from your Mom, @drizzellla !   They are charming and you must cherish them so much.  I have a feeling they have sharply increased in monetary value over time, too...


Wow, @morganjen ,  I'm surprised those black and white Valerie birds are now sold out.  Just a few days ago they were in stock.  "Free shipping" on Sunday must have unleashed some buying!  To answer your question, they do re-order a number of Valerie Parr Hill things, and if any are returns, they may pop up even sooner.  So if interested, it always pays to check back.

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I managed to get the black and white ones. But of course, the day before free shipping. Can't even tell you why I like them so much. I went back to get another set for my sister, but oh no sold out. Can't blame anyone on that either. I love all these pictures. Thanks.