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They do have beautiful trees! Expensive but beautiful. I bought the sample box last year when I saw someone post about it. It's really great to use for decorating around the house. I was so happy that someone mentioned it AND that I saw the post. 

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@Mom2Dogs it sounds absolutely wonderful! So nice of you to help your friend decorate.

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@781Florist  Would you mind giving me an idea (s) on filling a lantern with non seasonal decor?   Yes I have looked on line but have not seen anything I am looing for.  


I want to repurpose a black lantern, that has a flameless candle inside (which I can take out).  I was thinking some twings and other faux greens,  possibly a small bunny, bird, bird nest, etc. and other filler but just not sure what is considered year round.


I guess if I put something that looks like a specific season that item could be replaced with a more seasonal item but the rest would stay in place.


Does this make sense?  I did a search on line but nothing spoke to me.  thanks!



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Since I really don't know the actual size of your lantern (meaning the interior space) I'll try to suggest some things that could be added to or subtracted from depending on the available space.


First of all, I think that for a look that is really "seasonal" it is best to tweak or change the content at least twice a year since the colors and textures of spring/summer  and fall/winter are so radically different.

Fortunately this is really simple and easy to do.


I think that I would try to get the same (appropriate) size candle in two different colors.

The first would be in a shade of pink, blue or yellow and

it could be either pastel or bright (your preference).

The second would probably be best to be a shade of ivory/almond.


These two candles will each work for about half a year each.  


I would choose as a base of the design a ring of twigs or maybe a rustic looking bird's nest kind of thing.

Uase this as a ring around your candle. You want the ring to be be substantial enough to accomodate little things to be "inserted" into it but not so big as to overwhelm your candle.


In the spring/summer edition you could insert tiny sprigs of delicate silk flowers in pinks, whites and blues (or stay monochromatic if you like!),  Resist the temptation to go too heavy with these, as you will want room for little things that denote the season you are decorating for.

In spring, maybe tuck into the ring some tiny little blue 

faux robin's eggs....or little bumble bees!

In the summer little sea shells, starfish  or Barbie-sized sunglasses will spell out the season!


When summer fades, switch your candle to the ivory/almond one. Remove all the flowers but leave the ring.  Insert little snips of bittersweet with accents of candy corn and walnuts and acorns (or tiny pumpkins!).  Museum putty is wonderful for making things stick right where you want them.


Winter/Christmas can be done by switching out the bittersweet and candy corn etc.. for tiny faux pine sprigs and red berries.  The nuts look great at Christmas, so I would leave them. There are little glittered stars and package picks, and faux peppermint candies that you could also use.  Let your imagination run wild!


Well, you certainly got me off and running didn't you!?!?

I hope you find some of these suggestions of some use and will get a lot of joy in creating your seasonal"expressions"!   Good luck!

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@781Florist   Thank you!!...once the holiday season is over, I will get to work on my latern, I apprecaite the tips.


On another note (sorry, sometimes I have lots of questions!). Today I was working on decorating a 3 tier metal stand...(see attached) it can be used for food at a get to gether or decorative items.  


I was TRYING to decorate it for Christmas.  I put in faux greens and and pinecones along with some vintage ornaments.  


Well, I did get it done but it was a struggle and if anyone gets to close to it something could fall off, lol.


Is there a professional trick to keeping things in place?

the problem is keeping the ornaments and other add ons standing straight and staying in place.  If you could offer up any advice, I  would apppreciate it.


I helped a friend decorate her outdoor planter this week and we used floral foam covered with sheet moss to keep the trees upright, so they would not fall forward or backward....and  also lots of picks to add to the design....that was an easy project.

Screen Shot 2023-12-02 at 3.48.19 PM.png


thank you!

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I've never had an artificial tree but I used their comparison tool today. One tree, a modest 6 1/2' , lit and weighed in at 50lbs. 😳


I can't imagine return shipping costs if you're not happy or if the lights don't work properly.



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@Snowpuppy   I purchased Balsam Hill's sample box so I could use the branches for decorating.  The branches were well made and full,  but I was surprised that most were high quality plastic...not what I was expecting...