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I was also very happy to see him back he is a pleasure to watch.  I missed him when he was on beauty I Q. I wheretould also like to see him with a home show he really knows how to put things together.

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This always seems to fall on deaf ears, but I too would love to see him presenting home decor things. 


He should have his own show, and should be developing his own home and holiday lines for here. 



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@KathyM23 wrote:

Surely @hopi meant that to be taken as a joke.  No basis in fact

If she meant it as a joke I'm sure she will let us know. I don't think it was.

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I happened to catch him when I came home for lunch. I really like him. I wish he would come back to the regular Q once in awhile. He's a great host.

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It was nice to see Alberti on Morning Q Live this morning with Pat.

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@Krimpette wrote:

I thought it would have been a better pairing if they had put him with Valerie the hour before.

@Krimpette  ITA.

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Alberti is hosting a Fall decorating show on QVC2!