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Re: A few "bunnies" out

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thank you!  i'm going to miss my bunnies this year because my remodel projection date is 3/19 - no sense putting them out this Easter😢.


I had these few i ordered recently from VPH but put them away already.


Then i'll be leaving for 3-4 weeks to go home my son is having surgery so i'll go up so his wife can go to work (but will stay with my friend).  My luck they had mild winter they'll have snowstorm!





I understand theres no sense puttin out all your Easter decor just for a few days especially if you leaving too..  Wishing your son a quick and speedy recovery regarding his surgery....And will be hoping that the snow is non-factor....although I doubt it...I remember visting my great aunts in upstate NY around Easter in April and they had snow flurries...LOL!!!  

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