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As I read here it seems to me that many posters seem to think that leather which is very soft and puddles is a better quality leather than leather that stands up and holds it's shape. That is not correct. It is a simple matter of personal taste - a design difference - whether the leather is made to be soft and puddly or to hold it's shape. Just because a bag stands up does not mean the leather is cheap or when a bag puddles does not mean the leather is better quality. Heck, I own vinyl bags that puddle beautifully. Personally, I hate bags that puddle - you are always rooting through the leather looking for your stuff.I prefer bags that keep their shape.

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That does seem to be a common misconception. 

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I like bags that are soft enough to set at your side and gently be there but then when you put it up on a counter it will sortof stand there. It's gotta be right in the middle for me. That is why I would never ever buy a Dooney... I don't like the way they are so very very hard. I love Fossil now that would be a good idea for QVC!! 

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You are so right.  The softness of the leather is not the indicator of the quality of the leather.  Very thin leather can be very soft and of very low quality.  As a matter of fact,  some of them are fused leather that is manufactured from scraps of leather and chemicals (think baloney... they grind up the scraps and form a leather).  This low quality leather will fall apart after some wear,  but it might feel soft when you buy it.   On the other hand there are some very fine and very thick leathers,  like Dooney Alto line,  which are high quality and very structured.

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Michael Kors has some very nice soft, yet quality-thick leathers which I really like but my most favorite leather handbag is my Ralph Lauren I bought about 5 years ago and it doesn't puddle and it is what some would feel stiff but it sure has held up and been well worth the money I paid. 


Puddle bags are pretty but they drive me crazy when I'm trying to find things so I veer away from those!