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Oh, the Dooney people buy 2, 3, 4 purses at a time - ridiculous!  They say they last "forever", why do you need 4 of them?

I have many, many Dooney bags in different styles and colors that I switch off for different occasions or seasons. I also have lots of different colors shoes. I would never question why someone  has only 1 or 2 purses or shoes - to each his own. 

I would agree... to a point, but past a point the ongoing need to acquire, and in volume, begins to look a bit obsessive. I'm not criticising anyone because I believe I passed that point some time ago, though I've been trying to reign it in...


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I use decorated grocery bags.  I kid you not.  And or I buy what is on sale.  I buy by color and by what it will hold when I travel.  The lighter the bag the better I feel.  I want my STUFF to take up the weight, not the bag itself.  


The one exception... I have one of those LUG bags that doubles as a carry-on and holds soooo much.     Even that I got on sale from ebags.  

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I get some good deals on eBay.

Just got a new genuine eel skin clutch for 10 dollars.

Ordered a really cute little tote the other day, too.

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I won't spend more than $50 on a handbag.  Leather bags are too heavy, so I don't buy them.  I don't like any extra decorations on the bag and minimum hardware.   I never have a problem finding something.    







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i agree with you about Tiganello bags. I have purchased many high end bags and found that most were too heavy to carry  through the day. I tried a Tiganello bag because its beautiful pink color attracted me and discovered what a fine bag it is. It is  well made of soft leather and is so much lighter to carry. We are living in a time when women are demanding comfort in clothing and we are getting it. So, handbags need to evolve too. We need lighter handbags that meet our size needs. I think Tiganello bags do that.

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Honestly, I would think twice about purchasing a purse from QVC. Many that one would think would be good quality are not. Even more expensive ones. Lots of fake leather (sometimes just the trim but when it goes your bag is worthless) that peels, etc. Been there, had that. Lesson learned.

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@stevieb wrote:

I too am finding that lately I'm buying more non-leather than leather purses. I like that they're lighter and that they aren't as expensive. I own many leather bags and will probably continue to purchase them, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with owning bags made of other materials... With all due respect to the 'leather snobs', owning a leather bag these days is hardly any kind of mark of distinction...

If I see a bag I like.....I usually get it. I like leather, but faux leather won't stop me from buying it, I like switching out my handbags and you don't have to spend a ton of money on one..

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I can relate, bought a $500 designer bag on a bad whim, got home and came to my senses, happens to all of us one time or another.

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If u have a Ross, TJMaxx or Walmart near ur house - they have discounted prices. Also, check I would never pay $200+++ for a purse. Obviously, many women buy what they like - especially when they use the purse often.

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Today i was wearing navy so I dug out a navy blue purse from Stone mountain that is at least 15 years old. I bought it when I got my first cell phone because it had a cell phone pocket. This purse is still in perfect condition, still stylish design and I think I paid about $60 for it, 100% leather. it's also not at all heavy.